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The Words According to Dulux

Words Hash 1439 Thurlestone

A tournament of hashers gathered by the fairway of
Thurlestone Golf Club. Gary Glitter and Know Nuts elevated themselves to Captain and Lady Captain parking spaces, which set the tone for the eve.

Olive had taken a back spin detour and got lost with a duck
hook diversion 200m from home. Rarer than an albatross for
Olive. Driver Traffic Jam was lost in the flub also ending in
the jungle.

Our esteemed GM Rizzo welcomed us all with a duff joke,
two new virgins hashers came forward as they brought
themselves from Modbury which is ace.

Hares, Goolie and Doggy style informed us one long short
split and be back for 8.45. Lowtarse misheard as 7.45, that
would have been a modified scramble and a quick loop to
get back for scran. The group keen to get a waggle and a
wiggle on for the start of play. The longs and shorts headed
down the fringe across the bunkers and into the turn.
Chaos at the cliff edge as hashers shot out of bounds from
the first tee, it was like army golf. Lots of short-sided and
brakes ensued across the frog hair and links. Good job
there was no-one afraid of the dark.

The longs nuked the coastal path and lanes, the short was
the dribblers with a couple of chunk shots, and a back swing
by the walkers. Shaggy took a shank and a slice, with a
rainmaker of a flyer ended up with a scratch. Nice Nice Buns
was not so nice doing stroke play to a road sign, bit under par. It will be in the issue of the local worm burner next week.

Boaty scored an eagle. Took him two shots using Whisperer’s towel before giving it back. Gaffer reported Boaty and Re-entry were caught in the leather admiring the nice fittings of the locker-rooms. Maybe this a juicy lie.

Turns out Spotty Botty is very familiar with the 19th hole.
Often taking yips at said Club in the guise of being a caddie.
Vindaloo’s birthday honours were celebrated with an above not below the hole rendition particularly by Overshot who
sounded like a cat box. Barbarella was awarded a t-shirt for
playing through 400 wasted Wednesdays.

Casual Water – otherwise known as down downs – were
awarded for flop shots, bogeys and knee knockers.
Goolie and Doggystyle hares for a great hash.
Virgins bringing themselves from Modbury
Vindaloo for birthday
Barbarella for 400 hashs
Ms Nice for being not so Nice Buns
Olive because she never lets us down.
All square and an “A” game …..onto the AGPU

On On, Dulux

Ref: Inc 56 Golf Slang & Terms

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