Gaffer and Triple Top have a beautiful Hash planned for you, please enjoy and show your gratitude for all the effort by plying us with booze.

There are 3 Trails, one beer stop with food and drink including water, quite a long way into the hash, if you need water or food on route carry it. The beer stop is roughly 1 mile from pub.
Take money for the pub. The Pub are laying on food, 1 pasty some are veggie, and a few chips, if you want more buy it.
There is a minibus taxi organised to get those back to the hotel that can’t walk run or crawl, it will do 4x shuttles of 16 persons the 1st shuttle at 1530 and the last at 1630. If you miss it, its a 4 mile walk!
Not all will fit on the bus. Fit guys are encouraged to crawl back, it’s all down hill.

Distances in miles To Beer To Pub Back to Hotel

Walkers 4 5 9

Shorts 7 8 12

Longs 9 10 14

Don’t run by yourselves stay with someone and carry a waterproofed phone just in case.
Weather is looking dry but it is still cold, I would advise taking a long sleeved warmers top or windproof you can tie around waist if not needed. You cant put it on if you haven’t got it.

Please call on if you are on trail and kick the checks, its not a race and the slower hashers are even slower if you don’t work as a team to help them.