There’s been some confusion amongst the some members of the Hasherati about logging into the SH4 Website.  The Website uses WordPress to operate, one of the most popular and secure Website software platforms and there’s nothing more complicated about logging into our website than any other.  All you need to do is to accurately type a User name and password into a a login form, simples.

Logging In

Use either your
Login Username in the format of FirstnameLastname
Your email address

Important, please note that your username is Case Sensitive and FirstnameLastname is NOT the same as Firstname Lastname, or firstnamelastname or firstname lastname

Then type in your Password.  If you’ve forgotten it, use the reset my password link.

“But I’ve typed in the right stuff and I’m still locked out!?  If you’ve had several attempts at logging in unsuccessfully, the Website will block you for a while.

Lock out after how many login failures 10
Lock out after how many forgot password attempts 5
Count failures over what time period 2 hours
Amount of time a user is locked out 10 mins

This is a protection against Hackers gaining entry and posting unsavoury Spam articles for male body part enlargement and cheap Ray Bans.

Any problems, please contact me (The Jerk) via