Hash 1411


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm


South Hams Brewery
South Hams Brewery, Stokenham, England, TQ7 2SE, Devon
Hares: Bit of Ruff & Little Chef
What 3 Words: shuffles.daydreams.cassettes

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The words according to Overshot

The P Words-
Hash 1411: 7th June 2023 -South Hams Brewery, Stokeley Barton- Hares A Bit of Ruff and Little Chef.

Plaudits and Praise must be given to the Hares, A Bit of Ruff and Little Chef, who managed to organise a P*** Up in a Brewery for this weeks Hash. I was having my doubts to the organisation of the Pizza’s in a brewery as only two orders had been received on the Penultimate day before the deadline. A late plethora of orders saved the day as everyone wanted a Pizza’ the action, although Dimwit complicated matters by throwing Pineapple and Ham into the mix which wasn’t on the original menu. Goolie confusing matters further by making an order thinking it was for the Summer Solstice, he was corrected, and the order removed as he was in Italy, presumably eating Pizza. He apologised citing it was his age. We all know he is losing a pizza’ his mind and that he is well Pasta it.
WGAS was hoping it would be a hot, cold, wet and dry hash so he could have a ‘four seasons’ in one hash pizza.

Enough of the Prologue and on to the night’s Proceedings.
I was Perturbed that there was no No Principles, Pimples, Pye, Piddler, Piltdown Man, Pony Shafter and Pocket Rocket (though he had a good excuse as was revising) but I was very pleased that Penny Pinching Puffer, Pugsley, Paul the Physio (needs a name, bad ankle) and Plenty of Plympton Prancers were present for P-Up.

After our GM’s usual poor pun at the circle up, Rizzo pronounced it was very special day in that it was Know Nuts birthday (real name Peter Perfect or something double P) and that he would now be able to collect his Pension. As there was no certainty he would last the night it was decided to sing him the birthday song there and then. Two ‘chocolatiers’ virgins, Rita and Chris were introduced bought along by Mr Softy. Rita was going to do the walk but decided she spent too much time with her husband and ran off on the shorts…… actually she is still out there. Chris is deeply concerned and has put a bounty up for her safe return. So if you hear any wispas about her whereabouts please let him know. There will be lots of celebrations when she returns.

The hares introduced the plan for the hash, promised a walkers 2, short 3 and Long 5.5 miles and that the route had been pivoted halfway through laying it to run in the other direction. I was soon to learn that the reason was to avoid doing half the same route the last time A Bit of Ruff laid a hash… (but I remembered, you fooled everyone else but not me)!

Off we plodded with Lactaster and Dirty Nights FRB’ing by predicting the route to Stokenham as they had walked the opposite way to the hash and had seen the trail earlier (adopting a Re Entry pre hash scouting tactic). They were soon to be pushed aside by Fast Buck who proclaimed he knew where he and the hash was going as it was in his Parish and knew they way. He got to the first check and ran the wrong way!!

The hash was a picture-perfect route inland and back along the coast with Start Point Light house as a backdrop, for which Little Chef mistook as a ship.

On the hash Mr Softy tripped over a check in the bluebell woods and swore so much that his son Ice Ice Baby decided to leave him and do the short instead.

Dimwit and Wetspot (the ‘pranksters’) decided to torment the poor Whisperer by running just in front of him and remaking all the checks and sending him the wrong way each time to make him work a little bit extra. It wasn’t all bad as I believe Little Chef and her petite paces had laid the false trails quite short. Whisperer ordered two pizzas to rebuild his strength afterwards to make up for all his extra perseverance. The pranskers (joined by WGAS) didn’t end there though and at the on down proceeded to drink the hare’s beer and eat his pizza replacing with ketchup bottles, cutlery and anything else they could get the hands on.

Olive presumed, seeing a couple walking with beers in their hands, that they were a beer stop, after pinching their pints she was chased after by them down the footpath. It took them one second to catch up and wrestle their beers back. After the shock of being caught Olive had to charge herself up with the defibrillator in Torcross.

Little Chef had taken on the Principle Designer role of Planning the hash and to make sure it was safe, Hence the numerous crosses up the path from Beesands stopping us running off Precipices and through barbed wire on to Private Land. Plympton would have laid crosses and left to out better judgement, better safe than sorry I guess.

Other than Cowpat and Vindaloo doing the long and Gary Glitter doing something to a tree, Lazy Git Peeing Plenty on the hash and Half Hard running very hard, there was nothing else to report.

The RA for the night GHR, who was very well prepared and performed the tonuge twister Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, twice (it was either that or a dirty joke). Initiated a birthday song to Little Chef, Thanked the brewery and awarded the following down downs.

A Bit Of Ruff and Little Chef – The Hares.
Olive who nominated Filth
Gary Glitter
Wetspot and Dimwit – The Pranksters

On On to Wrangaton, On On Over………………………shot

Piddler Piper picked a peck of pickled Pimples, A peck of pickled peppers Peter Pudsley picked; If Penny Pinching Puffer picked a peck of pickled Pye, Where’s the peck of pickled Pocket Rocket peppers Plenty of Plympton Prancers picked?