Hash 1015


7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Cornwood Inn
The Square, Cornwood, Devon, PL21 9PU, Devon
Hares: Knee Trembler & Tiffany
What 3 Words: ///scrubbing.looked.pancakes

Event Type

HEREWITH THE WORDS FOR HASH 1015, Cornwood according to Spotty Botty:-
54 hashers turned up at the Cornwood Inn in the slightly cold and windy weather. Piddler immediately earned himself a down down for queue jumping, standing in front of checks and spectacularly failed to achieve the very low standard set by SH4 but all agreed his ‘Pillock of the year’ t-shirt was very well deserved.

Tongue down under or should that be STUNG down under (a slight slip of the tongue by the RA) was driven to the hash by Cowpat – Troughdiver being the gent that he is gave up his seat and sat in the back with Stung down under only to be rewarded with a strip tease as SDU changed en route, Troughie was rather quiet for the evening, somewhat traumatised being a sensitive soul.
And then to the fallers……..Damp Patch (who was actually walking) managed to slip over but nothing could compare to Traffic Jam who was resplendent in her cerise top and tight fitting trousers completed a parachute roll.

Not forgetting to welcome again members of the Plympton Hash in their fetching green tops, Cum Tonight fell over in some laurel bushes and recreated a scene from gorillas in the mist.
Barbie and Just Prick (JP) seemed to be morphing in to the hairy bikers. Speaking of Barbie it had to be mentioned that Barbie has just published his latest book, Squashed Balls was thrilled to have bought a copy and have it signed by the author. He announced it was a very good read….though he hadn’t actually read it.

Hot Totty who brought along virgin Claire, certainly demonstrated how some hashers are very enthusiastic and showed boundless enthusiasm, and finally Doris returned to the pub last after doing the short?!

Down Downs awarded to Piddler, Cum Tonight, Barbie, Stung Down Under, Hot Totty and Knee Trembler
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