Hash 1125


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Fisherman's Rest
Fore Street, Aveton Gifford, Devon, TQ7 4JL
Hares: Dead Man Walking & Twisted Sister
What 3 Words: zoomed.trappings.generated

Event Type

It was another cold night, but dry, as we circled up in the car park wondering if we would be making a river crossing, surely not in this freezing cold weather! Then Dead Man said we had to decide if we were odd or even, well that was a no brainer as all hashers are odd aren’t they? Meanwhile Twisted Sister was looking pristine in her Ugg boots, no trace of mud, or they may have been Mugg boots!

So off we went down the tidal road to find that odds and evens were on some sort of contraflow lollipop through the river, there were several refusals at this first fence and many dismounts. But on on we went uphill and down dale to the Fisherman’s Rest where our esteemed RA The Jerk presided.

It seems that Wet Spot has been profiteering by cashing in on the cold and flu virus selling double strength homeopathic drugs to unsuspecting hashers, so if your local dealer can’t supply see Wet Spot in his dark coloured van with tinted windows. We like a new high!

It appears that Re-ar Entry ran through several checks without kicking them out setting of some whining complaints from Overshot and Dimmers, his defence was that some checks were wrongly kicked out so that’s why he never kicks them out, his defence rests (he needs a new lawyer I think).

Chrissy has been coming since September and was due a naming, it appears she has an aversion to water and puts on friends to carry her across, by popular consent she has been named Bare Back or is that Bear Back, depends on the season perhaps, or maybe Baaa Back if she’s from Welsh extraction.

We took a moment to remember Floater who recently lost her battle with cancer, very sad.

It transpires that Gaffer was a frequent visitor to this pub, 4 times a week was not uncommon; well he is a Plympton hasher they’ve only just started walking on their hind legs! It appears he had a reputation for sticking his tongue down girls throats, well, could be worse I suppose.

Piddler was running on his own, bleating “no one will run with me”. Answers on a postcard, can be anonymous. He goes in for therapy next week.

Down downs went to the hares, Deadman and Twisted Sister, Piddler, Bare Back and Lazy Git (for some obscure reason).

So it’s on on to the hash bash this weekend and then Church House Harberton.

On on
Lazy Git.