Hash 1131


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Avon Inn
Plymouth Road, Avonwick, TQ10 9NB
Hares: Pugsley &
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The Words Hash 1131

A fair few of us rounded up besides the Avon to hear little history but much about the heroes who soldiered on through the snow last Wednesday. Pugsley was wet right from the start after some carefully aimed snow ended up down his shirt-can’t remember who by but assume it was Wet Spot-it usually is.

Uphill we ran hoping the rain would hold off and we’d make it home dry-no chance, although some got more wet than others! We ran though mud and fields, enjoying the chance to get down and dirty again after being stir crazy last week. There were many adventures, recounted by Goolie but not noted by the words who completely forgot to assign a scribe, and so it’s a fact light super-sub version today.

Rear Entry and Just Horny ran a different route to allow for dinner in the nook back at the pub.

Triple Top ‘won the hash’ but was nearly a non-finisher after Flage tried to handicap him and force an early bath in a very muddy puddle-up to his middle, well his tackle at least.

Back in the pub the usual tuneful rendition of happy birthday was sung to Dimwit who was able to wear his new birthday coat, but not his new birthday suit.

Bell End, who had been seen in his birthday suit, was offered a free pint by bar staff, strangely he didn’t want to claim it?!?

Down downs went to the hares, the unfortunate Triple Top, Flage for ducking him and the birthday boy,

Apologies to any whose events proved less memorable, normal service will be resumed next week-hopefully by Marty.

It’s on on to the Pickwick