Hash 1135


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Packhorse Inn
1 Plymouth Road, South Brent, Devon, TQ10 9BH
Hares: JP &
What 3 Words:

Event Type

Circle up in Station Car Park

The Words Hash 1135 The words according to No Thatch

HASH 1135 – 4TH APRIL 2018


We gathered in the station car park, where Overshot gave us his usual chat. There was one  virgin named Max, who came along with Twisted Sister. Quite a few of the Plympton Hash  were there and a few of the hashers children, which is  always nice to see.

It was a good run on a scenic route and now the lighter evenings are here it’s so much more enjoyable.  This was my second come back run, which I enjoyed a lot more than the first, as I tripped over a log hidden in the snow and fell flat on my face.


The run started with a lovely run along the river, through open fields and into the woods.  According to Squash Balls everyone short cut through the woods except him, so next time follow Squash Balls if you want to be on the right track or want to do an extra long hash.

Hue and Cry was running along with a female hasher, he asked her name and  thought she said it was Gruesome only to find out later it was Threesome. He was  also dobbed in it by Going Down, she told Rabid  he had been running when he isn’t supposed to.

Rabid and Knockers were running along chatting away as usual, when they were overtaken by Overshot who informed them that Dim Wit had just had a nasty fall.  He obviously hadn’t stopped to help him,( he was too busy trying to keep up with the front runners), so poor Dim Wit had to soldier on alone with blood running down his leg.

Knockers was waylaid by Barbie, who jumped out from behind a tree to say he had something to show her, not sure what that was, but she looked a bit surprised

Thanks to the R.A for waiting for the football to finish before he did the down downs, also JP and his helper Barbarella for a good hash.


JP             Hare

Boaty McBoatface    100 t-shirt

Going Down        60th Birthday

Marigold        Birthday

Gomez            65th Birthday

Dim Wit        For being soooo brave

On On to Leonards Road Car Park, Ivybridge