Hash 1136

Leonards Road Car Park

Circle Up at 19:30 on 11/04/18

Leonards Road
PL21 0SL

What3Words: bedding.evidence.latitudes
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Information About This Hash

On Down At: See Event Details For On Down Location!

Hare: Sushi
Hare: Meaty-whore
RA: To Be Confirmed
Scribe: To Be Confirmed
Dogs Allowed On Hash?: On Lead At Times

Hash Details

Tonigh’ts hash starts from Ivybridge main car park near leisure centre.


On Down at the Imperial.  If you want food, please order before hash from The Imperial (3-5 mins walk from car park). Last orders for food is 8.30

28 Western Rd, Ivybridge PL21 9AN


The Words Hash 1136 The words according to Nutcracker

I’m obviously going through the change!

Hash number ?.??

Don’t you just love it when you get the message reminding you that you are supposed to be doing the words and the editor needs them tonight?
So completely off the cuff………

Memories of the hash…..

The Hares lied (that  makes a change )
Overshot cheated ( no change there)
Plympton hash invaded us ( again no change)
Lots of lovely little hashes  (lovely change )
Whisperer was sober (BIG change)
Knee Trembler and Tiffany joined us (welcome change )
Ging Gang got drunk  ( definitely no change)
Sushi dumped his flour ( needs to change)
Re-entry went round again (doesn’t need to change )
Filth got filthy ( doesn’t need to change )
Traffic jam  nicked everyones chips  ( no change)
The cheesy chips were really expensive  (got no change)
Hue n cry ran past Nutcracker  ( huge change )
Goolie was excellent as RA  ( makes a change)
But forgot his glasses  (definitely no change )
Rubbery didn’t hash (something needs to change )
Big bird and his bird where there (in the pub) (for a change)
And these words are totally crap just for a change !!!!!

On on to the Ship at Noss Mayo ( nice change)

Location Notes

Dogs Inside Venue?: Not Applicable
Venue: Public Venue

What3Words: bedding.evidence.latitudes

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