Hash 1137


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Ship Inn
Passage Road, Noss Mayo, PL8 1EW
Hares: Whisperer &
What 3 Words:

Event Type

Watch the tide in the car park!!

The Words Hash 1137, the words according to Nice Buns

The Words from ‘Noss Mayo’ – 18th April 2018

In Noss Mayo it started, parking was a great deal of fun,
The only difference from other weeks, was that tonight we had sun.

Overshot began to talk, with one of his little lines,
Noss is slang ‘to act weird in public’ and ‘mess with people’s minds!

Mayo means Matthew, lord of the Manor, Noss also means nose,
Overshot was drawn towards a Plympton Hasher, or so the story goes.

Vic kept quiet when ‘Any virgins’ was called and she gave a little wink,
This was to backfire later as Overshot made her drink!

On with the hash, a beautiful night and up and up we ran,
Out to the coast for a sunset moment – it was all in Whisperer’s plan.

Overshot shared it with Dim Wit and Kneetrembler with U-Bend,
The moment was soon ruined by Jerk and his ‘Great Big Lens’

Not a lot of flour was used – it was said ‘just one bag!’
Whisperer couldn’t carry anymore that would have made him flag.

He needed to carry his stella to measure his ‘stellas per mile’,
The long was 30, the short was 20 and it all made him smile.

When asked on route by Rizzo, ‘Which way we all should go?’
He replied ‘I’d go that way!’ .. ‘Or maybe I wouldn’t!’ … ‘I just don’t know!’

Back at the pub and to ‘A Bit of Rough’,  we raised a good luck cheer,
For the London Marathon – a down, down or not – would he drink the beer?

An apology was made to ‘Big Nose’ AKA ‘Gym Slip’,
But Gaffa did go flying, his nose had made him trip!

A tree with 60 pairs of shoes hanging – cue a crafty pun,
A ‘pair tree’ JP suggested and a down, down he had won.

Rusty Bottom kept it quiet as when she returned to the car,
Her bag had simply disappeared and she couldn’t find her bra!

She looked in the front and looked in the boot and realised she was a fool,
She was at the wrong car so shut the door and tried to act very cool.

Tonight’s winner was not Re-entry – apparently he couldn’t park,
He eventually parked in Yealmpton, to give us all a head start!

Dim Wit and Overshot had their usual competition and Dim Wit won the race,
But he was disqualified for cutting a corner and so Overshot took 1st place.

Barberella was on a losing streak – she lost Dulux, her car and JP,
But told us that it was the special birthday of her good friend ‘Bar –bie’.

Bell End and Rusty followed the hare and got a terrible shock,
Whisperer had popped off of the trail for a wee behind a rock.

Down, downs went to Whisperer for being a super hare,
And to JP for his pun of a tree and all its pairs!

Barbies 60th birthday got him a little drink,
The virgin Vic – was given one too for her crafty little wink.

Gym Slip was a great sport and so too was given one
And A Bit of Rough – did step up for his 26 mile run.

We thanked the pub and said ‘on-on’ to Plymbridge for next week’s run,
Gaffa is going to lay the trail and ‘show us how it’s done’.

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Nice Buns