Hash 1147 – Maker Heights


All Day Event


Maker Heights Camping
Maker Lane, Millbrook, Cornwall, PL10 1LA
Hares: To Be Confirmed &
What 3 Words:

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Please Contact NutCracker by Facebook for details

The Words Hash 1147, The words according to Sushi

Sunday morning was a delight with a field of empty Stella bottles strewn around the Whispermobile.  Hair of the Dog saw A Bit of Rough running in flip-flops.  A lovely drop into Millbrook and around the lake followed by an agonising “only one hill” climb back up to Maker finished most of us off.

Maker Canteen was a fitting place for many of us to finish the weekend.  Many thanks to Know Nuts and Nutcracker, Maker Camp, the glorious weather and everyone who came for a fabulous weekend.