Hash 1151


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Odd Wheel
The Odd Wheel, Wembury, Devon, PL9 0JD
Hares: Traffic Jam & Willy Waiver
What 3 Words:

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Hash 1151, The words according to Running Late

Wembury, July 11th

Something was up. FB was filling up with posts about rearranged start times, changes to the down downs (what?!!) and a number of excuses ranging form the weak (no babysitter, gardening injury) to the more
dramatic (hash induced sepsis…get well soon, Barbarella). Driving to the hash we passed Lowtarse, Twisted Sister and not named yet Lou driving home, hash completed -‘the short is way longer than three miles’ advised TS as she sped off.

The pub car park was full but not a hasher in sight, and strange roaring sounds were emitting form the pub itself. Of course! There was a similar great sporting showpiece happening at the same time, and
like Wimbledon the hash would go on (or be finished already).

12 hashers plus the hares assembled in the car park. The RA (The Jerk) had apparently been seen entering the Stygian gloom of the pub, never to return. If there were hashers inside, they were left to it.

Goolie took on the GM duties with great brevity: no history, no visitors, no virgins but a promise of a down-down to all the loyal few.

It was an evening of staggered starts: 9 had begun at 5:30; The Jerk and IVF has set off at 6:30, whilst Pi and Fallen Woman set off in pursuit at 7:40.

4 decided on the long and like a well-drilled England back four they kept together in a tight formation, no allowing any gaps to appear. Checks were fastidiously kicked out even though it was highly unlikely
there was anyone behind, and communication was excellent. A false move was corrected by the timely appearance of The Jerk and IVF who appeared to be running the hash in reverse and doubling the distance.

It was a stunning hash, topped off with a cider, crisps and cheese stop, being dispensed from a rowing boat on the banks of the Yealm.

Sticky Bush and Punctili -arse led Cowpat, Running Late and Rubbery in for a refreshing swim, although, like England, we were soon swimming against the tide.

Returning to the pub, we thought it was all over… and it was.

All that remained was for The Jerk to quote some Dickens, make some desperate sexual innuendo about Clitters Bush and give out the Down Downs.

Down Downs were awarded to Pugsley (birthday boy and lies about the distance), Ging Gang for something Prosecco related, Running Late for swimming, Sticky Bush for perseverance and the hares, Traffic Jam and
Willy Waiver for a brilliant hash and drink stop.

Running Late