Hash 1154


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Bigbury On Sea Beach Car Park
Marine Drive, Bigbury On Sea, TQ7 4AZ
Hares: Goolie & Lowtarse
What 3 Words:

Event Type

On Down at the Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island.

[Look forward to Goolie’s bar man tales]

The Words Hash 1154

It was a beautiful evening when we all met at Bigbury on Sea, a few hashers rushed to get there early and secure one of the free spaces just down the road from the main car-park only to find it was free after 6 anyway. Twisted Sister was particularly annoyed, not only had Lot-T-Arse made her walk further then she needed to but having been there earlier laying the hash had no excuse not to check out the parking situation.

At least we made it here, having kindly offered an unnamed hasher a lift, Lazy Git then promptly forgot them, leaving them standing on the side of the road all dressed up but no-where to go (or no-one to take them).

At the circle up Goolie warned us to be back by 8.45 by the latest be catch the much anticipated sea tractor to Burgh Island. CrackerJack wasn’t worried about this time constraint as he announced that he just got his 50m swimming badge so he’d be ok.

Piddler set off on the long but soon regretted his decision after seeing the hill he needed to go up, he turned tail and found the quickest route back to the car park – as a happy consequence he was first in line for the sea tractor (and the bar.)

Squashed Balls and the Jerk spotted some young ladies in bikinis on the beach, while Squashed Ball happily enjoyed the sight, The Jerk was more gentlemanly (it was hard apparently!) It was at this point that the The Jerk expressed a keen interest in restraint of a different kind.

Dimmers was minding his own business slowly running up one of the (many) hills when he noticed a hasher approaching fast from behind, was it Re-entry or The Jerk or Whisperer? No! It was JP, he’s clearly got his hashing mojo back!

As we finished our tour of Goolie’s garden Twisted Sister got a shock as Lazy Git emerged from the bushes in front of her, apparently they looked dry so he had popped in there to water them. As we all queued for the sea tractor it was clear there may be a small delay in getting to the pub as the numbers were restricted to 30 each crossing, Willy Waiver (Willy Wader?!?) was having none of this and inspired by CrackerJack’s earlier suggestion made his own way across, turns out a hasher is roughly the same speed as the tractor, a top tip for any hasher wishing to save £2 on the next trip to Burgh Island.

Back at the pub we celebrated two wedding anniversaries Barbarella has put up with Barbie for 38 years but was out done by Ging-Gang who has survived 48 years with Goolie (as Fallen Women pointed out you get less for murder.) Goolie was also lamenting the fact it’s also 48 years since the navy stopped giving sailors their daily tots of rum.

Alice, a virgin Hasher was not impressed with our down downs, ½’s she scoffed, I drink pints! Rubbery was awarded his 200 t-shirt proving each hash you turn up to counts even if you drive it in a land rover. Unfortunately there was no-one to photograph this momentous moment so our hash flash had to resort to a selfie.

Down downs were awarded to: The Hares, Goolie and Lot-T-Arse, CrackerJack for his swimming suggestion, Willy Waiver for acting on that suggestion, The Jerk for great restraint, Lazy Git for being a forgetful git and Rubbery for attending 200 hashes.
On On, Twisted Sister