Hash 1158

Pig's Nose Inn

Circle Up at 19:30 on 29/08/18

The Green
East Prawle

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Information About This Hash

On Down At: At Circle Up

Hare: ReEntry
Hare: Pinky
Scribe: To Be Confirmed
Dogs Allowed On Hash?: On Lead At Times

Hash Details

Please No Chip Gate again!!

Bring a head torch!

The Words according to Willy Waiver

So it was on on to East Prawle, where to everyones relief Bit of Ruff had arrived safely from Cornwood.

I am afraid I missed the circle up, not a good start for a scribe, but with hindsight well worth it. I was moving my car to a safe parking space outside the pub, thereby possibly avoiding Squash Balls fate of having to buy an angry farmer diner in an effort to calm him down over irresponsible parking. There were a good number of virgins and visitors. Too far for Plympton to come, but one couple had made it from Brighton for their 10th Hash in 10 days. They were discussing whether to make it 11 in 11 but thought they might have a couple of days holiday instead. As Goolie pointed out they had probably also run out of free hashes.

The hash was excellent from the start, brilliantly planned, not much road, varied terrain, fantastic views etc. etc. For balance I should point out that anyone who did the long laid by Traffic Jam and your correspondent last summer might have had a slight feeling of deja vu. When confronted Re-entry denied any recollection of this. We will give him the benefit of the doubt, a holiday or other engagement, probably not senility, or heaven forbid ‘mis-speaking’.

For the sake of briefness the differences from last year:

1              There was a fishhook, brilliantly drawn but according to Punctilious pointing the wrong way. Overshot doesn’t like fishhooks and allegedly lay down on it to hide it from the rest of the hash. As far as I could see this tactic didn’t work, he must have accidentally caught himself and a few other FRBs, certainly everyone the hares had hoped to catch, who were RUNNING back up the hill as we cruised down.

2              At Elender Cove instead of going up the cliff for a beer stop it was down the cliff for a swim, definitely more healthy. Here we were surprised to find Rubbery sitting serenely Buddha like on a rock, apparently he had made the journey in the hope of snapping topless Harriets. Whatever he seemed content. While here one of the virgins Ben was spotted RUNNING back up the track from the cove, another Derrick apparently did it twice. Watch out the FRBs if they come back. There were also rumours starting to circulate of outrageous short cutting by committee members.

And so back to the pub where sadly the rumours were confirmed. In fairness Dimmers and Overshot probably just wanted to make sure they got to the pub this week, but they all missed a fine view and swim.

It was a busy night for the RA with 3 namings,  birthdays aplenty, a 300 T shirt for Lazy Git, who made it eventually I had forgotten to tell him I’d moved the car, and the presentation of a bottle of wine each for Overshot and Dimwit for their heroic search and rescue efforts last week.

The Down Downs went to
Sex Wax formerly known as Joy
Crazy Legs formerly known as Aiden
Midget formerly known as Sam
Lazy Git 300 hashes
Little Pinky hare and birthday got a good glass of wine instead of 2 halves
Crackerjack 7th birthday, but seems to have been stepping up for down downs for years
and Re-entry hare

And its on on to AG

Location Notes

Dogs Inside Venue?: Dogs Allowed Inside
Venue: Public Venue
(01548) 511209


The Pigs Nose Inn is a traditional English pub in East Prawle that overlooks the village green and local shop. The village is surrounded fields with breathtaking views where people can camp in summer months and fabulous hidden beaches with beautiful coastal walks with rare wildlife. You could also take a walk to East Portlemouth where you can catch the ferry over to Salcombe for the shops, cafés, and restaurants.

We are proud winners of CAMRA local award with a selection of local and popular ales poured directly from casks behind the bar.  Serving tantalising tasty ales from South Hams Brewery, Otter Brewery and during the holidays we have a guest ale.

The pub dates back more than 200 years, during which in its history had been a Victorian hotel and a smugglers inn used to ‘store the booty’ from the various shipwrecks around the coast then being changed slightly to a petrol station when cars started appearing.  The Webber family have owned the pub for more than 15 years and have tried to maintain the old fashioned values to keep the aesthetic.

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