Hash 1161


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Churston Manor
Church Road, Churston Ferrers, Devon, TQ5 0JE
Hares: U Bend &
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The Words according to Barbie

The words for Churston Manor Hash according to Barbie.
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Hare U-Bend Over had selected a spicing-hot spot for our Churston Hash. Just before we set off, the Churston Manor had featured on BBC Spotlight after being criticised for its fire safety. So it wasn’t so much a circle up as a RING OF FIREthat we entered to listen to GM Overshot’s latest hysterical notes, which centred on one of Agatha Christies WHO DUNNIT?S But Quasimodo up in the church tower wasn’t listening and he started up such a  ding-dong that none of us could hear the GM.
All I picked up was that a certain celebrity was President of the local golf club

Pugsley told us next week’s hash is a Grid Reference, or something or nothing. But here’s a clue: “I saw Essua sitting on a see-saw” and it’s nowhere close to Nassua.
Anyway, U-Bend told us about the hash and had a bit of guess about how long the various options might be. Off we went.
“Are you?”
“On on!”
“Are you?”
“Lost” that was Piddler on the Hoof’s contribution to the night. Flage-no-lay’s dog led a posse of hashers through the dark, dark woods. On the subject of dark Derrick has been on the carrot diet again and he went round without a torch. Just Prick waited for Traffic Jam who had taken a wrong turn. He waited, and he waited, and waited and…..Trafficwas back at the pub.
Back at the Hot Spot Piltdown Man’s dog was happily licking his head while Garry Glitter looked on with her drawers on inside-out. WE all cheered to the news that Boaty McBoatFace has got himself engaged to part-time Harriet, Bedbug!
U-bend got a down down for 400 Hashes and for being the Hare
Sorry if I have left out anything, the RA’s notes were written on a leaf which had biodegraded by the time I got home.
On on to Essua.