Hash 1166


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Volunteer
The Volunteer, Yealmpton, Devon, PL8 2JN
Hares: Ah-so & Sushi
What 3 Words: compliant.only.nuns

Event Type

The Words according to Cowpat

Hash 1166 from Yealmpton
70 hashers gathered by the side of the A379 opposite the Volunteer Inn. About 15% were children and several vociferous hounds- why is it the small ones make the most noise? And I don’t mean the kids.
Overshot tried to call us to order, and welcomed the Plympton contingent, who are practically regulars and 3 virgins.  He waffled on a bit about Old Mother Hubbard and her 17 verses, but no one was listening. The hares, Ah-so, Sushi and Crackerjack, said there was a walking route, a short and a long.
When we set off, Gomez and Morticia, hung back so that the yappy pups could decide their route, ie not that way!

The pack separated at the long short split. Vindaloo, Barbarella, Lo-tarse, Cowpat also Bedbug & Boaty, opted for the long, probably quite a long time after the FRBs. But it was a lovely night, not raining or foggy and the hares said 5 miles – so why ever not??

It was practically all woodland, tree roots lying in wait to trip the unwary, fallen leaves in myriad colours. Beautiful red/orange sky and full moon.  “What’s not to love?”

Whilst looking for the trail, Bedbug was heard to mutter, “Are you sure it’s this way, you lot have form!” “No idea what you mean” retorted Barbarella. “Well we always get to the pub in the end,” retaliated Lo-tarse.  ” We are just a bit slow” said Vindaloo. Cowpat said nothing!

The hare, Sushi, caught us up in the woods and guided us to the view point.  Beautiful full moon glistening on the River Yealm.  He insisted we turn out our torches and gaze at the water in wonderment.
There was a bear in the woods which we did see, but not the elephant and the alligator.
Back at the pub – yes, we got there- and not late at all- it was crowded. There were plates of food which were enormous.  Filth said “I couldn’t possibly eat that much”, but ordered anyway.

Lots of noise and when it came to the RA Squashed Balls, rounding up the events of the evening, it was almost deafening.This is what I did hear. Apologies if I misconstrued what I thought I heard.

One of the virgins, Mark, who was also wearing brand new trainers, missed his footing and fell into a bog. He managed to scramble out, but then had to dive back in to retrieve his footwear!  Unfortunately, this was captured by Filth on her phone. I do hope he will come back!

Tightarse, diligently collected her dog’s leavings, and then fell over and landed in them!

There were 2 namings:
Beth – named Pull the udder
Derek – Beeflicker
Downdowns were also awarded to:
Our gallant hares – Ah-so, Sushi and Crackerjack (and possibly another young lady whose name I did not catch), Virgin Mark, Tightarse and Ponyshafter – I have no idea why (but why not?)
Morticia – A birthday chorus

On-on Cowpat