Hash 1168


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Journey's End
The Journey's End, Ringmore, Devon, TQ7 4HL
Hares: Goolie &
What 3 Words: change.headless.axed

Event Type

Goolie’s Bangers will be on display at halfway Beer Stop


The Words Hash 1168 according to Dulux

The Fifth of November

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!
Guy Fawkes and his companions
Did the scheme contrive,
To blow the King and Parliament
All up alive.

Twas a chilly autumnal eve when the plotters circled up in deepest darkest South Hams. Grand Master Overshot called us all to hush and listen to the plan. He had covered his tracks already by saying he was going “flashing”.

Goolie and Vinders had braved the elements to set secret routes, with dots and crosses to evade and confuse any followers. Off they sped Longs 6 mile Shorts 3 mile and a separate dissenting walking group with many members, headed straight to the coast, obviously meant to distract any following authorities loyal to the King.

Guido Goolie Fawkes’ had plotted and planned and created a bonny the size of parliament. Aided by his collaborators Broken Man and Rubbery set the blaze. Meanwhile hashers were arriving back to see the inferno spectacle and were cheered with vittles of mulled wine and chocolate.

Re-entry stepped up to aid Guido Fawkes with his display of splendid fireworks. Hurrah Hurrah Whizz Bang cough cough….

Off to the Journeys End for downs downs to celebrate our history, the survival of the King in the failed gunpowder plot of 1605 or the attempted blowing up of the House of Lords.

RA Re-entry declared demeanours of the night. Barbarella and Lowtarse had missed the party again and so had Jyde, and we know how much he likes a party! A community rendition of happy birthday was given to Pimples and it was Piddlers BIG birthday last week but also revealed Piddler the fiddler has a

Barbarella hid Barbies torch. Dead Man Walking was showing his feminine side by parading in a fur coat. Ging Gang confirmed that the pampas grass growing does mean she’s a chic swinger darling. Hekkel was seen wearing her sons skiing jacket the whole hash but claimed she doesn’t move fast enough to get hot.

A re-welcome to Readymix and Hardcore Prawn and a comeback to No Nuts. A rowdy crowd naming of Homo Erectus.

Down Downs awarded Goolie, Vinders, Pimples, Piddler, Dead Man Walking and Barbie.

BIG thank you to GG & G for hospitality and organising the Bonfire Night Extravaganza.

Guy Fawkes “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions”

OnOn Dulux