Hash 1169 AGPU


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Dolphin Inn - Kingston
The Dolphin, Kingston, Devon, TQ7 4QE
Hares: Lazy Git & Marty
What 3 Words: spurted.elbowed.optimists

Event Type

The Words Hash 1168 according to
Dead Man Walking

Act one

Bestriding the narrow world like a colossus, Goolius Ceasar held forth, whilst we petty men of the hash didst peep about in our cups. “Immortal hash, twas long as it was short, checks we had none, arrows a comfort as cold porridge, the untimely dishclout,  sent by as if by Indies from Jamaica, twas  of his own accord.

What a pair of spectacles is here! Twin faerie queens, daughters of the fiery Oberon Who wouldst with lightning  blast our very buttocks for withall the heinous trespass of banks whereon the wild thyme grows.

Oh what men do “. A slipper and subtle knave.  But which parkest to so discomfort the bearers of The sweetest milk that ere be found, the fairest village in the land, sweet Kingston. A mermaid on a dolphins back.

Sweet Pucksley.  Darling Cupid. Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. Crossed cruelly, when all knowest he should put a girdle round the earth in forty minutes. Falstaffian belly?, a curse upon thee, Brutus, thou art a dead man both in name and nature.

Didst cast aspersions upon my camper chariot of fire. Malvolio in Piddleresqe affection didst dance cross revellers, nimble with airy gait, cross gartered and yellow stockinged to his noble kneepads, imagination all compact, as if to cry “Infamy, infamy they’ve all got it in for me”

What Angel wakes me from my flowery bed? Head of an ass, naked body of a hasher. And thus didst sweet Titania roll home in her cups, and wakest next morn ” I have have had a dream, past the the wit of man to say what dream it was, or was I just too pissed to remember”

The fair Barbarella and lady lowtarse, in Love’s Hashers Lost. The extended version.  Enter Romeo (Dimmers).  But soft what light upon the window breaks, it is the east and Juliet (Marty) is the sun. She speaks. ” well met my love, I’ll be down in a mo, just in the middle of a blue rinse. And anyway I did the long”
Beauteous Bellendius cried out forlorn. ” now is the winter of my discontent made muddy by all this ruddy rain and just look at all those blobs” And so tiptoed cross the banks of rue, the sour herbs of grace. 
If we shadows have offended, then just sucketh it up. 
Ps. If you don’t understand any of Overshot does and he will explain it all. 🙂
Down downs and players
Fair Marty. 
Cursed Lazy git. 
Traffic warden U Bend. 
Beauteous Bellendius. 

It’s The AGPU so a shorter hash tonight and back to the On Down for Hash Annual General Meeting in The Village Hall (opposite pub) plus Food and Beer!