Hash 1170


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Hare's House - Blackadon Barns
Blackadon Barns, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 0HB
Hares: Pi & Pinky
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We circled up at Blackadon Barn’s, in good number for another cold, dark (and at times wet) wasted Wednesday night. Several virgins were welcomed to the hash and two, only two! Plympton hashers.

We were encouraged to stick together on the moor and look after each other, causing much mutterings of who are you running with, are you lonesome tonight? We were well looked after with brave hashers facing the elements to keep us on course, they risked the cold for us all and (in Py’s case) were well rewarded with kisses. The route was well-marked, the conversations jolly, all I needed was the rain to make it the perfect hashing experience

Back at the Barn having enjoyed food and beer (thank you to the hosts and the servers) Elvis again took the stand and asked for a little less conversation as he bemoaned becoming Tor’s newest chew toy, or teddy bear. This was the latest excuse for not winning the hash, they are becoming more inventive, with Elvis/Overshot having to admit all right, ok you win.

We were urged to take advantage of SH4’s Black Friday sale where half price membership would be available to all who met the generous terms as long as they tracked down Dimwit in person. We were left all shook up when we realised that members were not eligible, and the offer not open to Devon residents, so cruel-don’t be cruel.

We sang Happy Birthday to Py for her 60th, to celebrate the wonder of you and to give you a big hunk of love. Rent Boy was also serenaded, and Vindaloo-in case Overshot dressing up for her was not enough. Elvis’s reappearance was explained as a homage to the death of the family’s pet mouse, Elvis Junior, cruelly caught in a trap.

The serendipity was shared of Py’s birthday not being on Overshot’s anniversary, or his daughter’s birthday, but instead being when Jailhouse Rock was number one.

As one of the games masters for the weekend I declare the season open, the hasher who guesses nearest to the number of Elvis title within the words this week gets a prize-to be claimed at the weekend, I will want to see your workings out!!!

To the admonishments and down-downs:

  • Marty was shamed for offences against hashing
  • Bee-flicker for pushing Harriet’s into puddles
  • Willy Waiver and Just Horny for additional mileage
  • Bit of Ruff for making it home
  • Re-entry’s Mum, kindly helped by Just Horny
  • The Hares, including Jyde for co-haring
  • The Birthday boy and girls, girls, girls

On On to Dartmoor Training Centre this weekend and Shaugh Prior next Wednesday, Flage-no-lay

Hare’s Birthday Hash

food and pay bar