Hash 1171 – Saturday


All Day Event


Dartmoor Training Centre
Dartmoor Training Centre, Near Two Bridges, Princetown, Devon, PL20 6SA
Hares: ReEntry For Saturday &
What 3 Words: lions.splinters.grunt

Event Type

The Words Hash 1171 & 1172 according to
Gary Glitter

Hash No. 1171

Dartmoor Training Centre, Near Two Bridges, Princetown

Saturday 24th November

Waking up on Saturday morning in Kingsbridge to the sound of the rain coming down as stair rods, which it had been doing throughout the night, I seriously questioned my sanity!  Had I known of the dedication of our team of chefs, going up the night before to prep the veg,( Rusty Bott peeling a whole bag of spuds) I would have leapt out of bed a bit quicker!!

Fortunately the weather cleared a little and the rain abated by the time I drove into the Training centre. By then the inside was looking very festive with a flashing tree and Xmas decorations. 

We circled up at 12.30 after some wonderful home made soup and baguette.

The hares Rear Entry and Just Horny, in their shorts, and Dimmers then gave us a safety information check and told us to stick to the marks! (Bit literal in some cases!)

We had a choice of Longs – 14 miles, a Short – 9 miles or a walk of 2 miles. Was thinking of doing the walking route twice but decided to do the short as we had the afternoon and it wasn’t raining too hard yet! We set off up onto the Moor. We, were Traffic, Arfie, Ubie, Bev and I – the Famous Five minus Timmy!  We climbed up and up and then down to the first flooded gate and were being careful when the Hares passed us telling us that we were bound to get wet soon. 

Filth was doing the walk and was told to walk towards the brown cow and turn left. What happens if the cow moves she said? Well it did move and they nearly got lost!

There were five checks  on the long trail. At the beginning they said that there would be no beer stops, as they didn’t have any glasses, but then we came across a little building which had a sign outside which said ‘Welcome, please come in’. Ah, a coffee stop I thought but no it was a small chapel. Somewhere to shelter from the wet or to pray that it will all be over soon! Especially when they said that the crosses on the Moor were in memory off hashers that had gone before!! On to the next river crossing where it was quite boggy. I decided to just leap for it as I knew it would come up to my knees but tripped and ended up sprawled in it with both gloves now black and wet. Yuk. On on past a couple of cottages with a wind turbine to the first Long/Short split followed by another a mile or so further on. The Famous Five jogged up the hill in the drizzle and mist to the OH but because we were talking to boost morale failed to turn left and went straight on! Werealised our mistake and turned back to circle round and see the cluster of trees and the centre in the distance.  The thought of tea, cake and a hot shower spurred us on to the finish.

The following info I gleaned from the rest of the hashers. I wasn’t the only one to take a dive as so did Cowpat and Rusty Bottom. Streaky Shit and Little Chef diverted onto the walkers route and did three extra miles!  Dead Man Walking managed to do the whole hash backwards – a man of many talents! Hekkel and Jyde did their own route of 4 to 5 miles with their dog Ollie. 

There was a lot of straddling going on by Beef Flicker, sorry Bee Flicker,  and Piddler straddling rivers and Boaty and Pugsley straddling fences. The knitting circle was made up of Flag-no-lay, Rizzo and Nice Buns. 

Back at the centre downs downs were awarded to:-

Rear Entry, Just Horny and Dimmers for haring

Rizzo for organising the weekend

Pony Shafter for upsetting the local farmer and getting lost

Over Exposed and Little Chef for cooking our Xmas meal

Traffic and Filth for breakfasts to follow, Rubbery too who stolidly carried on his duties as Hash Flash

We named Bev Bogof as she works in Tescos and fell in a bog and she had to have a name as a virgin layer

UBend and Bogof for Hare of the Dog hash

The cakes were yummy, tea was hot and so were the showers. However, Rizzo thought the showers were tiny. It’s all a matter of proportion!! After a cracking dinner it was Father and Mother Christmas aka Rubbery and Filth (a dodgy combination!) 

On on to the evening shenanigans with balloons, tea towels, black spots, bunny ears and wood, nails and a hammer! Not to mention the karaoke and some excellent dancing and a roaring fire! Some went to bed at midnight, some at 3, some at 5 and I believe one at 6.45! Fallen Woman decided if you can’t beat them join them at 2am in her rather fetching silk spotted pyjamas! 

On on GG

Hash 1172

Those in the ladies dorm were raised to the hash by the dulcet clanging of empty wine bottles (thanks Re-entry) a mass panicked scrambled ensued. It’s 10 minutes to the hash went the cry and there was much bleary scrambling into clothes-some of it even running gear. Most had cleared out of their beds and were ready for the hash in super-quick time.

Big thanks were given to Ubend and Bogof for getting out of bed even earlier to lay what proved to be a gentle amble about the moor, just enough to let us know we had got out, and could now enjoy a big, fat breakfast

On on to Shaugh Prior


It’s time to get festive! New venue this year!