Hash 1175


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Sloop Inn
The Sloop Inn, Bantham, TQ7 3AJ
Hares: Filth &
What 3 Words: helped.minder.pacifist

Event Type

The Words Hash 1175 according to Goolie

As we gathered outside the Sloop Inn or maybe not, as most were inside enjoying the warmth of the fire and not the howling wind straight from the sea. There was a rush when our GM called the hash to order, eagerly waiting for his sonnet on Bantham. With calls of “get on with it we are freezing “ he handed over to the hares, Filth and virgin hare Sex Wax.

There was some confusion over whether this was our Christmas run so some had dressed for the occasion and some hadn’t. The G M being unsure himself half-heartedly wore some antlers on his head, next week being the closest hash to Christmas is of course when one should try their best to dress up as a Fairy or Elf being the theme for this year. It’s just that Filth likes to dress up whatever the occasion.

Her preamble mentioned there were some nasty cows in one field so she had laid a lot on road to avoid them. That was her excuse , the fact she doesn’t have a four wheel drive might have something to do with it. The longs being sent off in one direction the shorts in another. The Shorts were led down hill to the beach then a lovely stroll along the coastal path, the longs I have no idea only that it was six miles and that was all I needed to know .

There was a Virgin at the start from A &G but what happened to her, does anybody know? Couldn’t find her in the Pub after so maybe she is still out there, if she turns up next week we can find out. The drink stop was most welcome with minced pies , cocktails, Baileys and sweets, only some hashers arrived before Sex Wax but is was her first lay remember.

Back in the pub the landlady was very welcoming with a smile a joke and a good pint of Proper Job. Squash Balls as RA set about his job with his notes on a piece of wood, two birthdays JP and Twisted Sister. I felt a little sorry for the latter as her own mother Lo-tarse seemed very surprised at the news. Not much of a present to look forward to there, hope you had a great time on Saturday despite Twisted.

Blue Nun once again led half the pack astray, some people just can’t learn. Pony Shafter poor fellow had a bad headache due to a fall or repercussions from a previous hash. Shirt Lifter just can’t get it out of his head it’s not a race and was pleased to announce he had won. Dear Olive having got lost again (well what hash doesn’t she) had her newly purchased pint spilled across the table by Twin buffers bottom, causing multiple hashers to get very wet.

Down downs were awarded to the two hares,  Blue Nun, Shirt Lifter and Pony Shafter, birthday wishes awarded to JP and TS. It was noted that Sex Wax needs a little more practice.

It’s on on to Dartmouth for our pre Christmas hash with more Mince pies mulled wine and cider with some carols thrown in.