Hash 1187


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Hunting Lodge
Cadleigh Park, Lee Mill, Devon, PL21 9JN
Hares: Ah-so & Sushi
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The words according to Jelly Baby

The salubrious A38 location was enough to make people think it was going to be a shiggy free, child friendly and cheap night out…or at least there were lots of ‘hashlings’ for another reason.


Granny Filth brought two, but nearly had them killed reversing back up the A38 when she overshot the slip-road.

Mr Nice Buns (needs a name? stop thinking Moobs!) was let out for the night, along with their two daughters.

Little Chef and Bit-o’-Ruff brought their off spring and dog – only to leave the children in Streaky SH1T’s care. Flage brought T (is she responsible enough to have a child?) and All Night Peeps put in another appearance with mini-me (but male) who beat her back to the pub.

I didn’t see GingGang and Goolie on the run, but they were feeding up their hashlings back at the pub. And last but not least, co-hare Crackerjack, who doesn’t need parents because he could quite happily run the show…and makes himself at home in the ladies toilets, chatting to anyone in there.


The hares did a good job of getting us from the expressway to Hanger Down (almost Dartmoor). On seeing the first frog in the road, Windy Puff gallantly moved it to the side to save it from being trodden on, only to see another 50 ahead on their way to some frog and toad suicidal orgy.


The trail – with a combination of verbal pointers and limited routes – was not sly enough to fox anyone with local knowledge, except perhaps the cunning snicket over the wall and into the housing estate on the way back down; or up the steps and down the lane – On Home.  However, as we know, the hash are an eclectic bunch of stupid smart blind deaf dumb orienteers with no sense of direction, who like to shop eat drink on the run (delete as appropriate). As such, this simple trail lead DeadManWalking to Tesco Lee Mill; Streaky decided that the OH might be back up the hill on the moor; and the 3 lost causes in olive green T-shirts were last back as usual.


Down Downs were awarded to:
The hares Sushi and Ahso!

Granny Filth for OAP driving manoeuvres

Dead Man Walking for shopping on the run

Granny Glitter – for forgetting to bring hashlings

Low-tarse for getting back to the pub before turning into a pumpkin


And two namings:
Nice Bun’s daughter Abi named Pro-Fit-erole
T – Flage’s daughter – named Patch (after much deliberation-note from Ed)….but she was so upset that the drink was not alcoholic (like mother…) she couldn’t drink it, so Cracker Jack stepped in.