Hash 1200


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


South Hams Brewery
South Hams Brewery, Stokenham, England, TQ7 2SE, Devon
Hares: Rusty Bottom & Overshot & Topshelf and a Bit of Ruff
What 3 Words: shuffles.daydreams.cassettes

Event Type

The words according to Pimples

South Hams Hash Harriers 1200th Hash  – May 2019

@ The Tap House, South Hams Brewery in aid of Devon Air Ambulance.



Rusty Bottom


Bit of Rough – Virgin Hare

A sea of blue T-Shirts set out on a warm May evening against the beautiful back drop of Torcross and Slapton Ley. This amazing view was soon shattered by Boaty, Deadman Walking & Wet Spot trying to recreate a scene from the Sound of Music although someone said it looked more like an advert for Grinder – especially when Wet Spot was overheard saying he wished they had all held hands.

During the circle up we had been given clear instructions to keep to the edge of all the fields, moments later a number of hashers led by Goolie and co were ignoring all rules (there are no rules in hashing) and were caught heading across the middle of the fields cutting all corners. The Jerk suggested we try reverse psychology next time.

During the hash, confusion soon arose when checking checks, 3 dots and on then became a cross?!.. This was later blamed on the Virgin Hare Bit of Rough for not being able to count, which later earned him a down down. Confusion continued over some poor ‘not up to scratch’ arrows which were laid by Rusty Bottom.

Most of the action happened on the return to the car park.  –

New boy Alan couldn’t find his car keys, turns out his car had rolled forward onto his keys…………

Alan you should have known better than to park your car downhill and put your keys under the wheel –  School boy error.

Goolie tried to make friends with a rather startled Frauline by innocently asking her if she would like to join the hash after she caught him checking out the inside of her campervan. Ging Gang did try to warn him it wasn’t a hasher’s campervan. You would have thought that the D on the number plate may have given it away.

Dimwit reported hearing frantic knocking from inside a car, but due to tinted windows he couldn’t see who it was so he just walked on by. Poor Hot Totty had become a victim of her own child locks and was stuck in the car. The night events didn’t stop there for Hot Totty who was later awarded her 100 run T-Shirt which she proudly wore.

Back at the Tap House we celebrated the 1200th run which included meringue spelling out 1200th cooked by Little Chef. Unfortunately, while Gaffer was trying to show off the meringue he dropped it, you can see photo evidence on Facebook.

On a serious note, thanks were given to South Hams Brewery who waived the rental fee as we donated it to the Devon Air Ambulance, alongside the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts and the contents of what was collected on the evening in Overshoots hat. Amount raised still to be announced.

Other events of the evening –

  1. Dimwit complained of a poorly belly – although he managed to demolish a seafood pizza.

  2. Both Heckle and Topshelf had birthdays and they were sung too in the usual hash fashion.

Down Downs were awarded to

Rusty Bottom – Hare

Topshelf – Hare and Birthday

Bit of Rough – Hare and can’t count

Heckle – Birthday

Hot Totty – 100 T-shirt

Alan – for losing his keys

On On to Avonwick

South Hams Hash House Harriers are celebrating their 1200th Hash at

The Tap House
South Hams Brewery
Stokeley Farm Shop

Circle Up Outside the TapHouse

Hares Rusty Bottom, Overshot and Top Shelf

This is a Charity Hash and we will be raising funds for the Devon Air Ambulance.

The Farm Shop Cafe and Tap house are opening especially for us!
The have also generously waived any hire fee and we will be putting this fee instead into the charity pot! T shirt sales profit and also hash subs on the night will also go into the charity pot. Finally the GM’s admiral hat will be circulating throughout the night for further donations so please give generously.

South Hams Brewery will be 5 or 6 ales, 2 lagers, 2 ciders and 1 fruity cider all on tap, plus Wine, Spirits and Soft drinks. Good luck to those attempting them all.

Food will also be available.
4 types of 12 inch Pizzas at £10 each


Mediterranean – peppers aubergine onion courgette with pesto and herbs

Marinara – prawns tuna anchovies and herbs

Pollita – Chicken chorizo with fresh herbs

Cheesy Chips at £3 a bowl.

We would welcome anybody else to join us if they haven’t hashed before and join in the fun!

The hash will be shorter then usual with the Long around 4 miles plus a kids hash of a mile (ish) so bring the family!