Hash 1201


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Avon Inn
Plymouth Road, Avonwick, TQ10 9NB
Hares: Dimwit & Flage-no-lay
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The words according to Running Late

Knowing that the scribe letter was fast approaching “R” but that the
second letter of “u” would leave me still a couple of weeks off, I was
disappointed to hear Re-Entry was the RA and Rizzo was having a
stressful day; so, here I sit hunched over my keyboard…..

Pre hash news was that Rizzo’s car had broken down at Woodlands, but she had managed to get a lift to the hash. She didn’t seem that concerned that she had left all her kids at Woodlands, to be collected the next day.

There were a couple of virgins and a couple of friendly hashers from
Phoenix, Arizona, Hot Pocket and the hirsute, Nair Bear, Nair being a
hair removal product (I looked that up).They liked our little green
hills and pub hospitality and seemed to know all the words to the
song . Enjoy your travels!

In drink related matters, Rubbery was taking his recycling drive a
little too far by making all the kids at the drink stop share from the
same cup. He was worried about having enough to serve the usual late arrivals, Lowtarse this week accompanied by Vindaloo, appeared at 9.

Back at the pub, RA Re-Entry apologised to the pub that one of us,
Marty, was now working on the other side of the bar. She was actually doing a great job; maybe a hasher could seek temporary employment for every pub we visit? I’ll put it to the committee.

Dimwit and Flage had laid a great trail, despite having laid most of
it from a car, apparently, although a car wouldn’t have got to some of the highlights, like round the back of the sewage works in the
nettles. This bit isn’t on any map said a proud Dimmers. Him and Flage have obviously been picking up lots of tricks from all the other hashes they go on, a back check of 8 marks confused many and provoked a quit grumble from Gaffer. I’ve got written down here that Overshot “nipped in at the end” but no idea what it refers to.

So, another great hash, enjoyed by all.

Down Down to: Dimwit and Flage-no-lay for a great trail; Smokin’ Dick for something although the mis-identification of her gender had
nothing to do with it, I think; the Arizonans; Neil, Mr “Nice Buns”
for his naming, “Muck Spreader” and finally Twin Buffers, for 200
hashes and the what must have been the slowest down down on record.

And finally, the hash raised a glass to the life and memory of hash
stalwart, Big Bird who recently passed away. Everyone’s condolences and best wishes to his family and friends. Details about funeral plus lovely comments and picture on SH4 facebook page.