Hash 1202


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Churston Manor
Church Road, Churston Ferrers, Devon, TQ5 0JE
Hares: U Bend &
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The words according to Rizzo

Churston Ferrers

We left for hashing late … very late. Poor Pimples had child care issues, which resulted in a mad dash through country lanes, handbrake turning corners, and screeching up to Churston Manor in a cloud of dust to get us there in time.   It wasn’t necessary mind, as Re-Entry was already competently managing the circle up, welcoming newcomers and introducing the hare. “4 miles for the long, and 5 for the medium…” quoted U-bend.. ok, so this was going to be interesting.

And then we were off, Squash Balls complaining loudly that the sun was too low, and was making him squint!

Out on the hash, newbie Louise seemed to have no idea which route she should be on. Apparently she had hoped to run the short, but was spotted on the long – running in the wrong direction!

Bee Flicker went a little off-piste too, and headed for the woods, where he found himself lost and alone. Beginning to despair he stumbled upon a sleeping bag and a pair of trousers, which he decided looked quite inviting, and considered making himself at home.

On the way to the beach a team of shorts were seen navigating Broadsands pitch’n’putt, where Pimple’s wistfully recalled how one of her first dates (to her now husband) had been there. “He used to take me up here..” she relayed to Damp Patch with a twinkle in her eye!

Once on the beach Sex Wax ran into trouble! Luckily our hare U-Bend came to the rescue, and gallantly removed a pebble from her shoe with his bare hands. The damsel in distress was so overcome by the heroic gesture she directly returned to the pub to eat dog biscuits?!?

I’m told Hekkle and Twisted Sister abandoned all running, and partook in their own hash swim at Elberry Cove instead. They were last seen disappearing around the coast line into the sunset.

While running through a beautiful valley Morticia and Gomez sheepishly revealed that they’d actually driven right past me on their way to the hash, waiting all alone in a layby… but after a brief discussion had decided not to stop!

Re-Entry declined a re-group at the beer stop, allegedly downing his drink at the sight of Overshot on the horizon, before sprinting off to maintain his lead! Piddler on the other hand was far less alert, and unwittingly accepted Sticky Bush’s sloppy seconds when she couldn’t finish her drink.

Since his birthday on the weekend Overshot’s age has been causing him problems! On returning to the pub he couldn’t seem to find the car, so was forced to walk around the carpark for ages clicking the key fob as he went, before finding the car parked some way up the road.

Once in the pub, Bell End placed his usual cheesy chips order, but (and this is not the first time) the bar staff refused to call out his name when they were ready! Poor chap.

We had two namings: Alan, who previously had lost his car keys under the wheel of his car was named Fob Jockey, while Mike, an ex-metro cop from Modbury who likes to fly low, is now named Under Covers. Then a beautiful rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung for the birthday boy Overshot.

Thank you so much to the RA Squash Balls for your sweaty racket handle tape covered in miniscule notes, it really helped with the words…

Down downs went to:

U-bend – for laying a fab trail

Overshot – the birthday boy

Under Covers  – for his new name

Fob Jockey – for his new name

Sticky Bush – for her sloppy seconds

Bell End – for his dodgy name!

On On to Holbeton

Rizzo x