Hash 1207


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Elburton Inn
221 Elburton Road, Plymouth, PL9 8HX
Hares: Gaffer &
What 3 Words: bleat.ally.shunts

Event Type

The words #1207 according to Spotty Botty

Elburton Inn

The RA-GM began by saying how relieving it was to see everyone in normal clothes again and not red dresses – no-one had to worry what to wear i.e. boots or no boots in ‘that’s crap’s case.

Then we were bored – or entertained with more history about Plymstock – I don’t remember it as I switched off (something about the village hall).
Thoughts on the hash??? Was there any running in the South Hams…way too much Plymouth �� but well done to Gaffer who laid the hash by himself. We travelled past Gaffers school playground as a boy, most of us know this as the dump. Thank goodness it was in daylight or some of the hashers may have perished. The hare seemed to struggle a bit, maybe it was the heat as he was running in circles and doubling back on himself.

We seemed to enter spaghetti junction as the longs were crossing over the shorts and in all the excitement Puglsey went the wrong way and an un-named hasher – Josie – was isolated and had to call her boyfriend, she didn’t know where she was but GPS advised she was 2K away.

Hot Totty decided to risk the road at the start as she did not want to go through the long dark smelly tunnel with her baby. The GM was then very rude about tunnels and the baby already travelling through one – I will say no more as I am sure Hot Totty is extremely well kept and hygienic.

Re Entry ran across the road to beat Overshot – there are no rules in hashing (it has often been said) however, Overshot would like Re entry struck off the register and disqualified….

A few of the Plympton Hashers were rather disappointed with the lack of beer stop – especially as we ran past Gaffers front door. Some of the checks were incorrectly marked (with sticks) and Spotty Botty got rather confused with the dots and dog poo (Plympton hash rules). The virgin who came along with his mum – bunion ring – was moaning so much that Mum decided to carry on, then drove him home, showered and returned to pub!

Willy Waiver was waving the flies away (what with we ask)? and TB led the shorts astray.
Barbarella and Lo’Tarse set a new hash record – they were back at 9.30pm!!!!! then rescued Josie – who was 2K away and shouting for hashers in the woods…..this led nicely on to the naming of Josie – things to note, smoker, lost in woods – Babe in the Woods? Wood Bind? Fag Hag….and low and behold a shout from the back for Good Shag – NAMING DONE
Naughty wet spot – hiding in the long grass and jumping out at Boaty who was quite shaken up.
Thanks to the pub….

Down Downs awarded to: Gaffer,  Good Shag, Pugsley, Bunion, Lo’Tarse, Boaty McBoatface