Hash 1209


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Thurlestone Sands Beach Car Park
Beach Car Park, South Milton, England, TQ7 3JS, Devon
Hares: Morticia, Gomez & Pugsley
What 3 Words: feasted.revealing.origin

Event Type

The words 1209 according to Shirt Lifter

This was not a hair of the dog hash but a hash of the two dogs.

First up, Blue Nun, who lives on the actual trail tonight drove over in order to pick up his wife (Olive’s) dog, Buster, to put on the BBQ (he was delicious). He decided that Buster would then enjoy a quick run back to the BBQ. Buster had other ideas, every time Blue Nun let him off the lead ,Buster turned tail and fled for home, Blue Nun following, shouting, “come back, come back!” Buster of course received with open arms by his mum, Olive. Blue Nun also helpfully found Olive’s abandoned pants and wore them for safekeeping.

Second, Spotty Botty’s dog, like his owner, likes to do his own thing, doesn’t listen, doesn’t obey, etc etc. He legged it at the start to be picked up later by Boaty (good with pets and children). Meanwhile Spotty abandons her own kids to look for dog, leaving them to have Botany lesson care of Pi; at least they now know the difference between wild carrots and hogweed.

In other news Rubbery and Deadman Walking came with no meat (Dead man looked liked he had forgotten his clothes as well) and stole some from someone in the carpark. Mr Softy and family went to the wrong carpark and did the hash backwards. He would be a crap ice-cream van man! He wasn’t the only one to go wrong. Running Late had spent the weekend navigating Sticky Bush around the Lake district and then couldn’t find the car park!

The BBQ and hash were brilliant care of the Adams Family.

Down Downs to hares, Morticia, Gomez and Pugsley, birthday boy, Blue Nun and the third dog incident, with Boaty’s dog relieving itself on unnamed Lori’s fake Gucci bag, immediately named Piss Bag (Baggers!)

On on to Scoops Barn, Denbury

Circle Parking at small Car Park nearer to Golf Course ///prawn.jots.list and NOT at Thurlestone Sands National Trust Car Park.

On Down at Mortica, Gomez and Pugsley Residence! BBQ at The Lea House, TQ7 3JR ///yummy.tugging.cover

Just Bring your Meat/Veggie Meat as all else provided. There will be a Pay bar raising money for Charity for  Pugsley’s Epic South West Coastal Path Walk Next Year