Hash 1210


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Scoops Barn
Scoops Barn, Denbury, Devon, TQ12 6EW
Hares: Big Foot & Shortie
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The words 1210 according to Sex Wax


Firstly, let it be known that Sex Wax, never having heard of, viewed or read the Words, was mortified at the thought. But here goes…

What a fantastic night club venue – music, lights, dancing ladies, booze and food! Pimms in the barn before we started – was that a good idea? Were we all drunk or what?

Rumour has it that the Long Run was shorter than the Short. This was confirmed by an extremely rare happening. Barbarella and Lot-arse with Sex Wax hanging on at the back did the Long as usual.  Famed for getting lost or coming in last, they were in before the short runners – very odd.

Post run, Goolie did the RA.

Religious Acts or Rambling Atrociously

He reported that Rizzo (Nice Bum) was running faster tonight. Was it the pre-run Pimms or the fact she did not have her mate to chat to on the way round?

He was also very pleased to announce that Piss Bag, newly and duly named last week, “should be thankful she wasn’t named Doggie Fashion”. 

Much to the disappointment of all, Ging Gang, having received her 900-run t-shirt, refused to bear all and put it on over her running top.

The fish and chips were delicious, many compliments being paid to the fryer and her mate.

At the end, Sex Wax, in desperation, had a tug of war with Goolie for his notes. Finally resorting to bribery and corruption, she gave him a £50 deposit for the post-Christmas do. Was it worth it? No! The notes were illegible.

Oh dear, never mind. That’s all folks. Thanks to the Brixham lot for a fabulous run. 

Over and out.



Chip Van on site. (there was beer last time but a small barrel – so bring your own- just in case)