Hash 1214 (In a Field)


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Fortescue Arms
Green Hill, East Allington, Devon, TQ9 7RA, Devon
Hares: Nice Buns & Pimples
What 3 Words: sectors.beside.heaven

Event Type

The Words Hash 1214 according to Squashed Balls

It was a somewhat blustery evening as 60 odd (and I mean odd) Hashers attended the hash in the field at Stanborough, one of the highest places in the South Hams.  We were all ready to go when Overshot started opening his gob, rambling on about a bloke trying to find a lost ring in said field. Farewell to the hares, Nice Buns and Pimples and we were gone.

Off we went on the trail and for many of us, new territory.  Boaty was moaning about the brambles and felt bit of a twit every time a less experienced hasher ran past him.  He was filled with wrath.  Rushing ahead were yapping bitches (RA’s description) not mine, one of whom bit the RA.

We later learnt Dimwit saved Boaty from barbed wire catastrophe, something which ought not to have happened seeing it was on a bank, not a field boundary. The wonderful trail meandered through the lush South Hams countryside, the peace punctuated by Flage No Lay.  Her On On’s could be heard for miles. The trail led over footpaths many of us never new existed.

At the drink stop there was tempting delicacies compliments of the cooking skills of Nice Buns.  My particular favourite was a yellow bun tinged with sumptuous icing.

Jyde rather ungraciously moaned at the delightful children manning the bun stop saying the portions were rather small.  The RA thought this was a bit off.  In charming style Jyde redeemed himself later.

Not sure who won the hash but it is not a race.  Try telling that to the usual suspects.

At the pub who did very well seeing they were notified at short notice, there were several namings.  Spotty Bottys sons were named Snot Gobbler (instead of double bogey – he likes playing golf), a bit tenuous.  The other was called Flat face as he falls over quite a bit.  Chris was given the name? Deffo Fudge.  Three namings by the RA.  There was also a mock auction of a pair of panties but we were outbid by a 10 year old.

Other tributes were given to Traffic and Pony Shafter for their birthdays.  Flage No Lay also had her 200th shirt presented.

Down Downs were awarded to Pimples and Nice Buns for an excellent hash, Jyde for being bun picky, Flage for 200 and the new namings.

There are 12 birds names hidden in this report.  I will buy a pint/glass of wine  to the one who can find them.



Hash BBQ. Bring your own Meat/Veggie Meat and Drinks/Veggie Drinks/Baps. Salad will be provided

Circle Up Location in a Field on pic at Stanborough Junction with 5 mile lane



On Down Location  Yetsonais Farm area, East Allington