Hash 1215


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Harford Road- Snail Car Park
Harford Road Car Park, Ivybridge, PL21 0AW, devon
Hares: Barbarella &
What 3 Words:

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The Words Hash 1215 according to Twisted Sister

So we gathered on another beautiful Wednesday to pretend to do some exercise to justify the alcohol consumption afterward (or is that just me?) It was Barbarella’s birthday hash and no one could miss that fact with the beautiful glasses she was wearing. 

Of we went up the inevitable South Hams Hills, it was noted that Sushi was running particularly well and impressed Rear Entry by not stopping the entire way up, as he summited the reason became clear, he was desperate for a pee and there wasn’t a convenient place to stop on the way up. I pity the poor hashers who were on there way up!

Coming Soon came very close to suffering a heart attack apparently his partner Good Shag was on particularly good form.

Piss Bag was very clear that NOTHING happened on the hash, although she did mention that she quite liked going down. 

Sex Wax, Lo-T-Arse and Barbie were posing for Rubbery when suddenly there was some kind if eruption, I’ll leave to your imagination who the eruption was from. 

Overshot was extolling the benefits of exercise and how he experiences the thrill of the runners high while dashing around the countryside, Good Shag on the other hand smokes and drinks so gets high just climbing the stairs. 

Traffic’s other half Harry thought he’d got away with the baby sitting duty sending his grandchildren off on the walk with Traffic however he found himself in charge of young crackerjack (this may or may not be the correct Jack however he’s the only mini Jack I’m aware of) scandalous abandonment by Ah-So I say or maybe Crackerjack couldn’t keep up with the speeding Sushi. 

Filth’s son and his friend were visiting from the big smoke, it appears they struggled with the fresh Devon air and complained they couldn’t run properly without smoggy air. 

Dead Man Walking did a great job at his 2nd RA stint, slightly lighter and dryer than the last time. I do think he has been listening to Squashed Balls too much and did produce some awful jokes involving a light bulb, a personal low was “How many Goolie’s does it take to change a light bulb?” “Don’t worry just let her wash up in the dark!” Don’t know how Ging Gang puts up with him. 

Down Downs were awarded to:

Barbarella – Birthday and Hare

Barbie – Hare

JP – Hare

Dulux – 300 T-Shirt

Mr Softee – Something to do with a wing mirror and Ice Ice Baby

“Tom” and Overshot – Feck knows!