Hash 1219


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Kingsbridge Rugby Club
High House, Kingsbridge, England, TQ7 1JU, Devon
Hares: Olive & Blue Nun
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The Words Hash 1219 according to Mr Softy

As a Virgin scribe, I didn’t want to make too much of a hash of this. (See what I did there!)

So Hash 1219 started at Kingsbridge Rugby Club attended by 3 (Not 2 Virgins) – The third a teacher at KCC – No Principal’s may need to discuss with her, her willingness or otherwise to be exposed to the initiation ceremony overseen by Overshot…

Given the location of the hash there was a tendency towards puns during the introduction which I will try to avoid in the scribe.

NO CHECKs – was the shout of the evening – As somebody who generally runs a bit further down the order – I didn’t actually notice. But for Blue Nun & Olive the humiliating penalty of having their checkless run equated to a litre of red wine in a plastic bottle may have been the reason that they were seen propping the bar up for most of the evening.

A ban was announced for non-South-Hammians/Hammers/Hamonians (Not sure of the correct word) after Halloween provided a deal isn’t done! Exceptions made for NHS staff or fees paid to Overshot.

So we had a few hashers finding that in the newly fading light that they were lost (on a route with no checks?) Olive – whilst laying – I assume the hash? Re-entry when he went back on the shorts – and that wasn’t the Ameretto? Pocket Rocket when following the man they call Whisperer – Given Overshot’s (Apparently he only has 2 months left in the role) reiteration of the rules around distance of hash 10 miles does seem excessive – although they did get back dry Mr Softy & Ice Ice Baby even go lost having followed an arrow straight into the dead end of a field.

We were joined at the Rugby Club (But not the Hash) by Martin Longley martinlongley@hotmail.com who is setting up a Park Run at Bolberry Down – Any support from members of SH4 would be greatly appreciated and he may even join us on a Hash!

Winnie the Pooh & Blown Off have apparently been training at altitude – Winnie the Pooh was like Terminator according to Rizzo – So maybe training with Attitude? – I’ll be back.

The two Virgins from Kingsbridge & AEVeton Gifford – Charles forgot a torch but was provided a pencil by Rizzo with which to see.. Apparently he was a friend of Dead Man Walking who not only didn’t discuss the need for light but also refused him a lift. Let’s hope they are converted to hashing.

We celebrated 100K for Squash Balls car, 2 dogs & Dead Man Walking’s birthday – I wasn’t clear whether 2 dogs was a Hash name, Two Dogs or the Down Downs?

So in Summary

  • The Jerk received a 300 Wasted Wednesday’s T Shirt
  • Down Downs for Blue Nun & Olive, Winnie the Pooh, Two Virgins, Bee flicker and Dead Man Walking.
  • Finally No Principals younger son was named – Captain Underpants due to a bid he made for Flage No Lay’s knickers at the East Allington Hash – A Tenner…

ON ON to Rose & Crown Yealmpton