Hash 1220


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Rose and Crown
Market Street, Yealmpton, PL8 2EB
Hares: Twisted Sister & Goolie
What 3 Words:

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The Words Hash 1220 according to Vindaloo

The South Hams was certainly in the grip of Autumn as a crowd descended on  a darkening sky at Yealmpton, against a back drop of the orange coloured building that is the Rose and Crown. Parking spaces in the large car park were hotly contested, and Pony Shafter, not to be deterred from the task in hand, managed to manoeuvre into an area labelled No Parking. As we gathered, we were told to look out for a missing youngster from the area, who several hashers had unwittingly passed on their way to the pub, hopefully the lad had found his way home.   Late to the circle were Pinky and Pi, Pinky had walked a marathon length to get the hash, a long walk for a beer. We embarked on the route after the usual notices, an early long short split nearly caught some hashers out, Gary Glitter and P*** Bag, had to turn back after starting out on the long.  Meanwhile Cow Pat at the rear of the longs, used her many years of hash experience to find the trail, and was nearly trampled down by the ensuing longs, wanting to gain their places at the front.  Twisted Sister and Goolie had stepped in to the breach and laid a fine hash, through fields of corn  and footpaths.  Surprisingly Goolie had the energy to lay a hash after having to make his own packed lunch for the day, TS was not going to be sharing hers.   Even Tyred Bunny conceded later that Goolie after 18 years of hashing was finally getting the idea of a good hash length, in not laying  a 10 miler.  There were a few arrows on the trail, when interviewed on this subject Twisted Sister said ‘she couldn’t be arsed, to lay a check’  Sweeping the longs were Lotarse and Barbarella, so they kept us usual lost causes (minus Olive) under control.  Nearing the end of the trail, some fairy lights could be seen and there was the hare, with Rubbery, dispensing Baileys in shot glasses. To save on washing up, or to get a larger measure Hekkel decided to drink it straight from the bottle, that’s how they do it in Ermington- such guzzling later earned her a down down.  Back at the pub the hashers were spread far and wide, some were sat watching Boris on TV, particularly Whisperer who was so mesmerised, he forgot what he had seen on the run to tell the R.A.  Lucky to make it back was She’s Ready, who had not realised that night time could be so much darker than daylight, and not bought a torch.

The Jerk began his awards of the evening, missing out was Sticky Bush, hoping to be less sticky by staying at home and having a bath in her new tub.  Good job that Rizzo turned up, as she was awarded a down down to go with her 300 runs T shirt, she ignored the usual shouts of off, led by Piddler, and modelled it nicely for the camera.  As she was driving she nominated Nice Buns for the drink.  Also picking up down downs were the hares Goolie and Twisted Sister, for a lovely trail.  For services to hashing in the dark was She’s Ready, that earned her a half pint.  Cow Pat got her drink for hash experience and was even seen kicking out a check, she later remarked that she hadn’t done that for a while.  P*** Bag could have earned a drink, which she may have preferred to her less than palatable wine, when asked by The Jerk if she had anything for him she tried to give him a £1 (cheap)

All in all it was a great evening out amongst friends, with some exercise thrown in, on on to next week at the Dartbridge Inn, Gomez has been asked by the pub for hashers to have a look at the menu online in advance and order ahead so that the chef has an idea of numbers. 

(you were right about your notes Jerk, I couldn’t read them)