Hash 1221


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Dartbridge Inn
Totnes Rd, South Hams, England, TQ11 0LN, Devon
Hares: Morticia & Gomez
What 3 Words:

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The Words Hash  1221 according to UBend

After enjoying a wonderful sunny day I decided it was about time I joined SH4 at the Dartbridge Inn, Buckfastleigh for a nice evening run.

After the usual shouts from the GM of “gather round gather round” he looked at me, then shouted, “nice to see you back Ubend, your turn to write the words”.

So here I sit on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon thinking I wish I had taken some notes of my own after trying to read the notes Spotty Botty had scribbled as the evenings RA.

What I do remember of the hash was the hills and more hills. I was struggling myself and the only two hashers I remember passing were Rubbery & Jyde.

Instances on the hash included

•    Overshot, Shirt Lifter, & Whisperer running in three different directions from a check with all three returning saying there is a cross on the road, but was it a cross or a dot Whisperer.?

•    Rubbery trying to barge fellow hasher Gaffer over

•    There was a report of Hue & Cry warning any Harriets in his vicinity to be aware he might poke them with his pole. (Not sure what that was all about)

•    There was a typical statement from Hare Gomez telling Goolie and others there was only one hill on the hash!!. All lies of course.

•    Piss bag was not happy at being splashed

•    Barbie & lotarse getting lost

•    Flage  no lay & Spotty botty giving it loads of chat

•    Dimmers and Rubbery turned up in the pub after with no shoes on.

•    Andy, Doggy Styles husband, was named Tight Nuts.

•    And the usual birthday song to Piss Bag.

Well done to the hares Gomez & Morticia for a great hash. Down downs awarded to ;

Hue & Cry
Piss bag
Tight Nuts

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(food must be ordered 2-3 days in advance)