Hash 1223


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Court Farm Inn
Court Farm Inn, Abbotskerswell, England, TQ12 5PG, Devon
Hares: Piddler & Going Down
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Hash 1222 T

hHash 122 The Words according to Whisperere Words according to Whisperer 

I was ordered to do the words even though it was my birthday (on Saturday), shame that Vindaloo or Windy Puff didn’t turn up, thanks you two.

There was an announcement at the start of the hash from Rear Entry, but do I report what I think I heard? Last time I got it wrong and Rear Entry & Just Horny were not expecting a baby, but buying a puppy.  I think I’m right this time though because Just Horny was doing the short.

It was a wet shiggy trail, through flooded bridle paths and wet ploughed fields, Shirt Lifter tried to do a wide overtake across a field and ran straight into a 2 foot deep pit of cow shit at the place where all the cows gather round their feeding thing, he went up to his waste in it, never short cut at night through a cow field, others ran into a stampeding herd of cows that nobody knew was there.

Piddler, who was one of the Hares was nowhere to be seen until the end of the hash in the pub. At the bar, he was first to be served and got first helpings to the buffet.   His only contribution was to drive the car to the beer stop and eat a pack of crisps, throwing the empty packet on the floor for other hashers to pick up and hand into Rubbery, but Popeye gave him credit for the whole thing on facebook afterwards, with no mention of going down.  Posted before he heard the RA.

Coming Soon (I think) led hashers wrong , running way past an arrow and into the wrong field scaring a herd of cows which nearly trampled over some people who were out working in the field.  Everybody got lost in the woods around Decoy lake, only S M Ellie got it right, doing 5.25 on the long., the rest of us did well over 6 miles.  I did 9 miles, lost with Tyred Bunny, LowTarse & Barbarella, we only found the trail because Tyred Bunny had his phone and footpath app.

JP did a good deed and did some checking, but the hashers he was trying to help went off and left him to walk alone for the rest of the hash.   Gaffer said on the hash that it was the best hash he had ever done in his life.  At the end of the hash Pugsley thought that he had flown round the route and was reminiscing his raving days, think he must have eaten some of the mushrooms that were growing in the first field.

Lots of Teign Vally hashers were here tonight, Shit Faced (who is now a TV star), Arch Angel, SmElie (used to be one of us) and a few others I recognize, Popeye from Haldon hash and 2 virgins which were given down downs,  I can’t remember their names and neither did Bee Flicker even though he invited one of them and drove her to the hash.  Pony Shafter was training for a Triathlon, he talked the talk and walked the walk (ers route).

Down Downs went to:

Me, Sticky Bush & Fallen Woman – Our Birthdays
Going Down – For being the only hare
The 2 Virgins – For being virgins
Shirt Lifter – For running into that ditch.
Pony Shafter – Intense Triathlon training