Hash 1225


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Bolberry Down NT Car Park
Bolberry Down, Malborough, England, TQ7 3DY, Devon
Hares: Filth & GingGang
What 3 Words:

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Hash 1225 The Words according to Yeuck
It was raining ghouls and ghosts as we assembled at a remote car park at Bolberry Down

Ging Gang and Filth had the ingenious idea to have the beer stop at the start of the trail
We were treated to schnapps,chocolate liqueur and home made muffins
Very civilised commented Rizzo
Unfortunately Jyde missed out as he couldn’t work out the child lock in Low tarses car
Whisperer turned up just in time having gone to Hope Cove first

The pack were brought to order by Overshot who kept his pre hash spiel to a minimum as we were buffeted by the wind and rain,he quickly introduced virgin John from Worcester and  sent us on our way

The walkers headed off down the road led by Goolie towards Bolberry,turned right onto a green lane and back up and onto the road,covering about 2 1/4 miles

The shorts initially took the same route as the longs,parted ways up a long track,skirted around the downs and headed home with approx 3 miles covered.

Gaffer and Sex Wax at some point took a tumble together nearly ending up in a prickly bush !

The longs went up and up,took a right heading to Soar Mill and back along the coastal path,notching up 4miles. Spotty Botty was running well tonight and could be challenging Rear Entry for the FRB spot. Also noted that on the other hand Rizzo was on a go slow !

Back at the carpark Gaffer was spotted pouring water over his already sodden body,stating I’ve brought along hot water I’m not going to waste it.

On Down to the Cove at Hope Cove where fancy dress costumes were admired and pizzas were devoured

B Flicker was commended for taking on the hares role of sweeping the trails

Piss Bag booked a taxi straight to the pub as she didn’t want to spoil her costume

Miss Mouthfull’s costume was likened to a Chelsea housewife’s attire

Sticky Bush and Pi did their own run with Pi wading up to her knees in the sea!

There was concern for a lost TB until it was realised he was a local

Foul language was uttered by Running Late (Anglo Saxon words)

Willy Waiver expressed concern that gates were being left open and he was having to close them all !

Gary Glitters daughter Cinders was welcomed back after 17 years and Hong Kong Fuey also made an appearance after 2 years absence (Cowpats grand daughter) Cowpat was bra-less and Low-Tarse knickerless due to the soaking they had had.

Down Downs were given to:-

John (virgin)
B Flicker

Halloween Fancy dress- Goth/Gothic- Day/Night/Week of the Dead! Wear On Hash at On Down or both!

On Down the Cove Cafe Bar, Hope Cove