Hash 1227 AGPU


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Wrangaton Golf Club
Golf Links Road, Wrangaton, Devon, TQ10 9HJ
Hares: ReEntry & .
What 3 Words: trouser.breached.standard

Event Type

Shorter hash than normal (hare limited to one bag of flour)

Annual General P*ss Up. Election of Mismanagement Committee and free Buffet provided for members. Non members price tbc,

Hash 1227 The Words according to Barbarella 

It was a chilly, frosty night as we circled up under an almost full moon in the Golf Club carpark for Overshot’s last Hash as GM.  Its obviously time he retired – he couldn’t even be bothered to give us any history; just a lame joke about the orangatang.

Hare and heir to the GM throne ORDERED the slow-but-dependable Lowtarse, Barbarella and Olive to do the 2.5 mile short.  Just Horny is going to have to rein him in or he will become unbearable once the power of his new position goes to his head! However, Olive showed what she is capable of by LEADING the short run. Well done Olive! (even though it isn’t a race).

Sticky Bush and Easily Led started the evening as they meant to go on with a pre-hash gin.  Not fancying the short they turned off their torches and shortcutted.  However, they were heard!  Singing ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’.   Ladies, next time you short cut do it quietly!

Dimwit took a dive into a bog whilst trying to help Blue Nun.   Why didn’t he just leave him to get stuck like any normal hasher would?  It turns out that Dimwit is after some lucrative work at Blue Nun’s place.  Ahh…..

There was apparently a violent outbreak on the hash with lots of shoving and barging.  However, nobody sustained any injuries. Unlike Hekkel who was sporting a black eye.  Social workers amongst us were heard muttering about domestic violence.

The account of the evening then became rather lavatorial.  Lazy Git felt compelled to make use of the ball cleaning machine he found out on the golf course.  Ging gang (I don’t believe this for ONE minute) was reported as having been jet propelled down the hill and Shirtlifter returned to the club with mud on his bum after sliding all the way down the slope.

And the showers were COLD!

Down downs were awarded to
Re eentry, Blue Nun,
Gaffer and Vindaloo for their birthdays, Overshot for services rendered as GM and Olive for winning the short.

On-on to Aveton Gifford.