Hash 1228


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Fisherman's Rest
Fore Street, Aveton Gifford, Devon, TQ7 4JL
Hares: Dead Man Walking & .
What 3 Words: zoomed.trappings.generated

Event Type

Hash 1228 The Words according to Bee Flicker

Well what a hash last night was, a lovely trail as said by many and very enjoyable too. The new GM Rear Entry certainly brought new things to hashing on his first hash as GM, not only a virgin came but also a trip to A+E for Dimmers. Rumour has it, he had an accident in a pothole but I think it was really a ploy so he could get out of running the long, and so he didn’t have to collect the money too, it was reported that Rear entry as trying to kill off hashers starting with dimmers, maybe dimmers was getting too quick for RE`s liking, lets hope Dimmers makes a speedy recovery,

We had the most amount of walkers we’ve ever had too, maybe the hills had something to do with that, or maybe it was because everyone was walking and looking for the trail after getting lost after losing the trail after the beer stop. Was this due to a dodgy trail, dead man walking and whisperer forgetting to lay the last part of the trail or too much alcohol, we will never know.

Things started going wrong right from the start when Pony Shafter left the lights on, on his car and left it open too which resulted in Disappointing semi`s knickers being missing and what made that worse was the fact that she needed them after deciding to have a wee down her leg.

It was reported that Gary Glitter also fell in a pothole too, was this the same pothole as mentioned earlier or are the south hams roads really that bad? They weren’t enough to ruin Sex Waxs day though as she was heard to be auditioning for stars in their eyes and breaking out into songs, for anyone who missed that, maybe we will get a re run at the Christmas party weekend.

Meaty whore was naughty too, he kicked a check out the wrong way and once he realised his mistake he went and followed the correct route, WITHOUT correcting the check or telling anyone which resulted in EVERYONE going the wrong way, apparently, so it was said to me…. this was GAFFAS fault, everything is Gaffas fault, even when he is not there, its his fault, i thought this was a bit harsh but probably true so i wont mention any names as to who told me (pony shafter) gaffa also became a hero to the harriettes and led them to safety and didn’t moan once…

This brings me to the virgin Rachael, she was warned about how us hashers are crazy and dance on tables naked, this didn’t put her off though as her reply was how she will ” fit in very well then” it sounds like we have something to look forward too in the future, something we need to remember for a future naming maybe.

Thank you squashballs for another great RA and for the resume

Down downs were awarded to:

Sex wax for her amazing howling/singing
Dissapointing  semi for 2 infractions
virgin Rachel for her first hash and her confession,
Hares dead man walking and whisperer

On the subject of down downs, would Sex wax like to explain what happened to half of her down down and explain the empty glass which soon became half full too, was some cheating going on? oooooh the shame….. shameeeeeeeeeeeee

And finally i have to mention…. there might be a special Christmas cake at the Brixham weekend, it wasn’t meant to be a cake, it was meant to be a Christmas pudding that turned into a Christmas cake with STIR FRY ingredients, … I’m guessing something went slightly wrong there Sticky bush… a story id love to hear.

A big thank you to everyone who came to the rescue and did what they needed to do in the event of Dimmers accident, its great to know we are all in safe hands when things go wrong.