Hash 1234


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Village Inn - Thurlestone
The Village Inn, Thurlestone, England, TQ7 3NN, Devon
Hares: Olive &
What 3 Words: making.renewals.trophy

Event Type

Xmas Carol Singing, Mulled Wine Drinking, bit of hashing kind of Hash!

Fancy dress….. Christmassy I think? Ask the GM!

The words according to Cow Pat
Hash Number 1234

We congregated at the telephone box in Thurlestone village – aka the library.  The super heroes of the day were Blue Nun and Olive who had braved the storms and laid our Christmas trail. Past Christmas hashes have been known for minimal running and maximum singing and drinking, but no, tonight was to be 4.5 miles for the short 2.5 for the walkers and heaven only knows for the longs!
Before we set off into the dark and windy night, we sang the Wednesday hash carol. With much grumbling we headed out to the coast path where we were blown off our feet and skied and skidded our way along the muddy tracks, eventually meeting up at the hares’ pad for mulled wine, mincepies and more carols, or more specifically for myself and my kind minder Gomez, trailing badly at the end of the hash, Ameretto, mincepies and no carols.
At the Village Inn Blue nun was sporting a rather loud honking horn and Olive a fetching Christmas onesie.
A jolly time was had by all, with a parade of Christmas jumpers, throw the parcel across the room and read out groanworthy jokes, table dancing by Ging Gang and Pole dancing by Doggystyle, Dead Man Walking and Pony Shafter enjoyed an intimate moment and Whisperer’s tattoos were revealed to be on his teeshirt only.
The RA, who happened to be our new GM, denied that his dog had done a woopsie in someone’s front garden, and after the happy birthday song tunelessly sung to Twisted Sister and Beeflicker, awarded a 200th run tee shirt to Knockers and thanked Running Late for his honking horn.
Downdowns to:
The hares, Blue Nun and Olive, Birthdays – Twisted Sister and Beeflicker, Knockers for finally earning her 200th run shirt and Running Late for the horn.
To end the evening, we sang the 12 days of Christmas, hash style and brought the house down.

There will be a Boxing Day hash at Challaborough at 12.30 courtesy of Goolie