Hash 1233


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Avon Inn
Plymouth Road, Avonwick, TQ10 9NB
Hares: Dimwit & Lazy Git
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The words according to Bit of Ruff

As usual we were a bit late to the start of the hash, so missed the circle up and have nothing factual to report there… At a guess it went something like “are there any visitors / virgins?” – yes 3 virgins. Some fact through time, again don’t know what it was but bound to be better than the random history of Avonwick. A notice about post-Christmas hash bash, then over to the hares – Dimwit described it as an election special hash – full of shit! (And he wasn’t wrong!) The usual 3 short, 5 long, flour and some virgin land too.
The only other news was that I was volunteered to do the words in my absence, so that’s all you get I’m afraid.

The hash was mighty eventful though…
After the super slippery cobble stones, it was mud, mud, and more mud… Oh and a good few streams – Dimwit and Lazy Git were going for a full-on Plympton hash at the start, or late entries into the Shiggiest hash of the year and the most distance covered along a small stream. It worked as I have not seen Re-Entry run past us so many times on a hash, and with everyone so close together, the longs got to witness firsthand the short cutting crimes of the shorts – no field left un diagonally crossed.
After all the excitement of the mud, and the longs realising that we had ended up in South Brent, it turned back into a South Hams (it’s not a) race back to the beer stop (expertly run by Marty and Freya) and then to the pub – with a lot of short cutters spotted going down the main road.

In other news back at the pub (gathered by RA Goolie):

Someone didn’t stop at the beer stop – the shame (but didn’t hear who it was).
Marty’s dog should be banned for being too enthusiastic.
Virgins Jesse and Lucy forgot shoes and one of them had a hot body which got Tired Bunny excited.
Sticky Bush was caught looking in windows pretending to be checking out Christmas trees.
Hekkle has submitted her PHD and started a knitting circle.
Squashed Balls has manly thighs.
Boaty went around twice.
Coming soon sat in a stream with his phone in his back pocket.
Vindaloo was accused of pushing people over in the stream.
Gingang got stuck on a fence, only getting one leg over.
Olive has a personal hasher and something about car keys.
Re-Entry got his 200 t-shirt, with everyone thinking he had done far more (but only 1 lap counts on a hash).

There were 2 birthdays:
Lazy Git and JP – that were toasted in normal hash style.

Down downs went to:
The 2 virgins – Jesse and Lucy
Dimwit – hare
Lazy Git – hare and also his birthday
JP – birthday
Re- entry 200 runs

After all that, it’s on-on to the Village Inn Thurlestone for hash 1234 where the dress code in the pub after is ‘Christmas Jumpers’.