Hash 1237


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


First & Last Bistro
The First & Last , Ermington, Devon, PL21 9NJ
Hares: Hekkyl & Jyde
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The words according to Coming Soon

So much for dry January, not long after leaving the pub, and everyone was soaked. Visibility was definitely an issue this week’s hash, the dark winter night and driving rain made spotting the signs a little tricky.

The longs had difficulty telling the difference between an L and a W. Re-entry and four others ran through the rarely used Fishhook because they didn’t see it. Well that was the excuse anyway.

The slippery mud made for some fun sliding. Piltdown Man managing a 720° spin over the river bank. New hasher Steph started off with Barbarella but became isolated, until rescued by Ride along Rick who is used to picking up virgins in the dark.

It was an eventful night for Good Shag – not only did she manage to twist her ankle, but also blocked a fire engine on its way to a chimney fire and Whatsapp called Coming Soon with her boob. Blocking traffic was a theme of the night with 2nd Time Tim trapping another car in the car park. All in all, a well laid hash with plenty of off road running and sliding.

Back at the pub, like drowned rats, it was time to relax. Lo-Tarse received her 500 hash vest, quite an achievement. Down downs were awarded to Virgin Step, Ride along Rick for her rescue in the dark.  Good shag for inventing a new form of sexting, the Hares Hekyl and Jyde and Lo-Tarse for the 500.

Next hash will be West Alvington, school stomping ground of Overshot. On On!