Hash 1256 – Thurlestone Village Hall


5:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Thurlestone Parish Hall
Thurlestone Parish Hall, Thurlestone, Devon, TQ7 3LY
Hares: Blue Nun & Olive
What 3 Words: though.begins.cubs

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Dear all Hashers,
In light of the new restrictions coming in on 14th September the committee has met to discuss how this will affect hashing going forwards.
Having seen guidance issued by Sport England and also spoken to the person who sorts out hash insurance for all the south west hashes, it would appear that as an organised event (yes, we are in fact organised, contrary to the usual acceptance of hashing!) we are fine to continue the act of following a trail in groups of up to six people whilst following social distancing.
Since we have restarted hashing we have chosen relatively isolated locations to run from and have opted not to frequent any pubs afterwards. I think you have all run and acted in an excellent way taking into account the social distancing guidelines we have introduced and we as a committee want to thank you all for that.
We will still be having two run times of 5.30pm and 7.30pm. We feel this is more organised than a free for all of turning up whenever you please. We will still require you to sign up for one of the times as we will need this information in the event of a track and trace request, also to record your run numbers. There will no longer be a limit of 30 people per time. There is to be no gathering at all at the start of the hash. The hare will post information of the hash on the facebook page earlier in the day. Hashers will be required to arrive at the start and begin the Hash in their groups of up to six people and then leave on completion of the hash.
Given that it is soon to be dark and we may be running in some isolated locations it would be safe and sensible to run with at least one other person and to take a phone with you as there will be no guarantee of the route being swept.
We will shortly be publishing a general hash risk assessment, to include covid secure measures. In order to assist us with this the committee has created a new committee role of Covid Secure Officer and has co-opted Olive to this role.
So just to recap:
1.) Sign up to either 5.30pm or 7.30pm.
2.) Do not gather at the start. Form into your groups of maximum 6 people and follow the trail. Leave immediately on completion of the trail.
3.) For safety reasons ensure you run with at least one other hasher and take a phone with you.
4.) Hares to post route information on Facebook page prior to hash start. Hashes to continue to be run from isolated locations where possible.
5.) Pre Xmas weekend cancelled. Replaced with long Saturday run. Paid deposits to be either refunded or held as credit according to individual hashers wishes.
6.) Committee to publish risk assessment including covid secure information. Olive co-opted to new committee role of Covid Secure Officer. (Blue Nun has now attained ‘Jyde’ status).
One final request, we require Hares from 23rd September onwards, please could we have some volunteers!
Thank you all again for adapting so well and keeping the Hash Spirit going.
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