Hash 1259


5:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Barton Close Car Park Wembury
Barton Close, Wembury, Plymouth, PL9 0
Hares: Fluffy Dice &
What 3 Words: fruity.segmented.insert

Event Type

The words according to Twisted Sister

The wind and rain did little to dampen by high spirits as I left work and cycled to Wembury on my shiny new bike, not sure starting the hash damp was my smartest ever idea but it did seem safer than getting a lift with Cowpat, All Night Pepys looked a little shell shocked as Pat recounted her high speed signal free manoeuvres in the car on the way to the hash.

Fluffy dice had forgotten to order the good weather for the 17:30 (he is a Plympton Hasher so I will forgive him just this once but take note for next time!) so after a swift GM free circle up off we went. With some insider knowledge, Hekkyl, myself and a slightly lame Ponyshafter (good to see you back on the trial Pony!) embarked upon an energy saving alternative route, as we were joined by the rest of the pack Rear Entry had managed to make up for his tardy start and was in his usual FRB position, no sign of Just Horny and Just Entered tho, it appears the weather was too extreme for even the rain tent to cope with!

After a bit of a panic when Ollie dog chose the wrong parent and ran off with Jyde (Ollie soon realised his mistake and back tracked to Hekkyl who had the treats) after another energy saving alternative route I’m pleased to say that for the 2nd week running Hekkyl, and I strengthened by the addition of Pony won the hash, so while waiting for everyone else to return we did what every normal person does on a wet Wednesday night and drank cider and wine in the car.

It was at this point the novelty of my shiny new bike dipped a little as I realised that I had another 10 miles go to get home and it was now not only raining but dark too, I briefly considered calling for lift but thought this would be an energy saving alternative route too far. Being a fool hardy hasher off I went, on the way home I met Low-T-Arse and Barberella on their way to the 19.30, Low-T-Arse was clearly unimpressed with her daughters attempt at embodying the “be safe be seen” message claimed I was too bright (and she didn’t mean academically!)

It appears that the 19:30’s were had also put their life on the line by venturing out in the dark and rain, and Dimmers narrowly missed from falling off the cliff, it seems despite his day job Dimmers was unable operate a simple head torch so had reached out to Blue Nun for support and a light to guide his way only for Blue Nun to run off and leave him in the dark. I do hear that particular torch now has a date with a soldering iron. Blue Nun can’t have been that fast as it is reported that his beloved wife Olive managed to catch him up to claim a win for the 19.30 hash, more training needed Blue Nun.

It also now seems that as well as being drinkers with a running problem the 19:30’s may have also developed a drug problem, and I’m told the mushrooms were particularly good, no cider or wine needed after the 19.30 route then.

On On to Wrangaton Golf Club our illustrious GM and hare for the week Rear Entry has requested that all hashers for both waves make sure they have (working) torches and mobile phones.

Twisted Sister