Hash 1370


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Wotter, Moorland Hotel
Moorland Hotel, Wotter, Plymouth , PL7 5HP
Hares: Gaffer &
What 3 Words: cushy.windmills.wool

Event Type

The Words according to Yeuck “Boulders and Scree” Or “Wotter Gnarly Gaffer Trail“

A brave group of hashers congregated at The Moorland Hotel this evening ,unaware of what was instore on this Gaffer laid trail !

Our scantily clad GM brought everyone to order and after the usual welcoming of newbies and notices asked Gaffer to step forward to big up his trail. Teasing us with the promise of much fun and adventure en route he sent us on our way.

Hopeful that it wasn’t a sign of things to come the longs immediately went the wrong way, climbing up the hill on the short trail, but were soon called back down and sent on their way. The shorts carried on up and followed a track until they came across a boulder field, by this time the longs having done a loop overtook the shorts and bounded up the boulders in true mountain goat style, unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for the shorts who made quite a meal of it ! especially Ging Gang who managed to trap a foot down every gulley. On climbing to the top she had had enough and with Goolie in tow made a roundabout return to the comfort of the pub.

If this hadn’t proved challenging enough there was now a steep climb and then a slide down the scree laden descent with a few joining Snot Gobbler’s “ Bum 1st Club” All made it back safe & sound after more meandering through streams, open moorland,across roads and down gulleys.

Olive & Lowtarse were offered a short cut by the hare but stalwarts as they are refused and continued onto the bitter end. I must mention that Olive had completed the Cardiff half marathon a few days previous.

ON DOWN Many took advantage of the delights of the restaurant this evening and partook of a tasty meal, while the rest of us propped up the bar. A few snippets recounted this evening:-

Rubbery in his usual style arrived late and was concerned when he couldn’t find the other reprobates Twisted Sister & Heckle

Overshot annoyed many on trail tonight by pulling on their legs on the accent Poor Spotty Botty and her bleeding leg (amputation required)

Goolie falling up pub steps and then showing off his lovely blue plaster

Traffic not at all trying to to hide her muddy bottom but at least she sat on a newspaper so as not to transfer dirt onto seats GHR brought up the ordnance survey map on his phone en route, but still managed to send everyone the wrong way

And best wishes for a speedy recovery to Blue Nun after his altercation with a sheep while out on his bike RA

Nice Buns called all to order And after a resume of the evening’s events proceeded to award Snot gobbler with his 25th T-shirt

Down Downs to:- Snot Gobbler- 25th T-Shirt Traffic – dirty bott Gaffer – hare Spotty Botty – leg incident Meaty Whore – sparkly hands Gary Glitter – filthy hands Goolie- poorly finger

ON ON to next week:- the Creek’s end at Kingsbridge