Hash 1373


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Loddiswell Inn
Loddiswell Inn, Loddiswell, England, TQ7 4QJ, Devon
Hares: Shaggy &
What 3 Words: headings.shrug.aviation

Event Type

Circle up at “The Courtledge”, centre of the old village. Halloween themed fancy dress encouraged.

The words according to Cow Pat

The small village of Loddiswell was jam packed last Wednesday night with cars being parked all over the place. Even the village car park needed elastic sides with Goolie manoevering his Mustang backwards and forwards under instructions from Ging Gang. I think he gave up in the end!

There was a fantastic turnout, a few virgins and visitors, several in spooky costumes and one or two ghostly apparitions.

The excitable crowd eventually quietened down to hear the usual notices and instructions from lone hare, Shaggy. There would be a walk, a short of about 4+ and a long of 6 ish.

We ran up out of the village, across the fields and then the trail was laid through the woods which was quite eerie in places. Little Chef marvelled at the supernatural looking fungi being picked out by the light of our torches. Enormous field mushrooms, the size of dinner plates, patches of redcaps with white spots. Magic. Mysterious groups of varying colours growing out of tree branches like supernatural beings.

I ran with Little Chef, who kept up a relentless pace. We hesitated at SS – nobody mentioned a short short! So we carried on following the trail along the river bank. We met up with Lotarse and Barbarella, who were going round in circles, but abandoned them at the L/S split, not wanting to spend a spine-chilling night in the woods. Further on we encountered Ging Gang & Goolie who were lost and complaining that it was scary to run by the river.

A well laid trail, suitably creepy and weird in places.

In the pub, there were extraordinary creatures. Some more creepy than others. Overshot was sporting a Wetspot mask which was uncannily realistic. Filth not only hashed in costume, but changed into another chilling outfit in the pub. Piltdown Man wore his creepy clown suit and there were skeletons and witches galore.

Olive was RA for the night and had obviously done her homework and as she shuffled her sheaf of papers and cleared her throat, Wetspot climbed into his sleeping bag and prepared for a long night.

Down downs were awarded to: Goolie, for his parking, Filth for another superb fancy dress, Overshot for being Wetspot look alike, Wetspot for being Wetspot, Tim, a virgin, not recognized with his clothes on and Shaggy for an excellent trail.