Hash 1378 and 1379


26/11/22 - 27/11/22    
All Day Event


Grenville House
Berry Head Road, Brixham, England, TQ5 9AF
Hares: Overshot, Blown Off & Pinky
What 3 Words:

Event Type

Hash Weekend and Brixham

The words according Marty

The ramblings of a peri menopausal, forgetful, brain fogged woman ( hence it has taken me a week to get this done!)

What a weekend we had. Everyone arrived spritely and raring to go, with the promise of a very wet and windy Hash around the cliffs of Brixham. Whoop whoop!! A

very HOT mug of soup was wonderfully served by Nice Buns and her team, with a cheeky mulled sparkling cider on the side if you were quick enough. We also shared a box of Ibruprofen between ourselves to help with the aching legs, aching heads and some just had a bout of FOMO!!

Circle up went on for what seemed like forever with instructions how to get back into the centre (noted on phone as brain fog will hit and won’t remember it) Overshot and Blown Off gave very clear instructions on the different routes that could be taken, not letting on that the long was actually an A to B!! Great work Guys.

Off we went in different directions, Pony on his pub crawl route (which in the end turned out to be just one pub as it was raining!) the rest of the Hash onto the walkers, Short and long routes. The usual falls, frivolity and wrong turns ensued on all the trails, Sandra found herself on the long after saying she just fancied doing the walkers route earning her new name BLOWJOB as her hair was big, wet and frizzy when she finally arrived back. The longs eventually returned with tales of 11 miles in gale force winds and monsoon rain. They really are dramatic!!

The evening meal was very loud, hot and too many bodies close to each other. Ha Ha oh the joys! Don’t touch me. If you know you know! We did have down downs for helpers and alike, you will have to look at the photos for who was doing them as I cant remember!

The skits followed dinner saying Allo Allo to the Two Ronnies, Deep down singing from Goolie and a rather disturbing doctor patient consultation.

Then the best part of the evening MY PLAYLIST over and over again until 4am. Pugsley, I think we got Toto, Africa on at least 6 times. Anyway it rained in Brixham why not Africa!!

The following morning quite a number of athletes braved The Hare of The dog Hash, which I was told was around 4 km/ miles and laid by Pinkie. Back for Brekkie and a clean down of the centre.

Thank you to all involved with the organising and running of the event. It was spectacular as usual.

On On to wherever I am told to go to next week. Marty. xx