Hash 1399


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Plymstock Inn
88 Church Road, Plymstock, Plymouth, PL9 9BD
Hares: Gaffer & Yeuk
What 3 Words: goods.plenty.cult

Event Type

The words according to She’s Ready

What Went On-On

On the 12th hash night of 2023, it was a case of to be or not to be within South Hams? that is the question. It was a comedy of errors and a typical Winter’s tale and definitely no Midsummers Night Dream as the skies look grimly and threaten present blusters. Not quite as you like it. Indeed, despite only living metres from the pub, Fluffy Dice drove to the pub as it was raining and he didn’t want to ruin his hair. GM, Rizzo was particularly keen to get the formalities out of the way and on with the running.

Plympton hasher, Oddballs and 2nd timer, Emma were welcomed. Goolies and Doggy Style ignored warnings that they were parked in the disabled bays. Hare, Gaffer frantically asked the Hash tarts (Joint Plympton/South Hams members) to help the rest of SH4 follow the trail and make their way back to the pub. What a fool! Thou hast no more brain than I have in mine elbows.

The trail took us up to Burrow Hill Memorial, where if you were brave enough to lift your head up against the wind and rain, you had a lovely view over to Plymouth Hoe. We then headed into Radford Park and whilst the walkers had the luxury of sticking to the paths, the runners scrambled through bushes, barbed wire and other trip hazards such as beer cans. It was a case of “go, prick they face”. No wild Thyme, Oxlips or Violets here.

Gaffer chased shortcutter, Fluffy Dice; yelling at him to come back. Fluffy Dice’s response was a chuckle as he niftily avoided the slippery uphill slope. Oddball’s torch refused to shine for the 3rd week running, so abandoning the trail, he headed back to the pub. Meanwhile, his mum Smoking Dick and Come2nite unwittingly found themselves scaling the heights of the long loop. Despite being locals, they got lost and resorted to Google Maps to get them home.

They weren’t the only ones to use technology to navigate back to the pub: Rusty Bottom and Gormez are also guilty. Just as well, because TripleTop was the only local who successfully directed anyone home. Winnie the pooh and She’s Ready led others astray at the last check, which was mere metres from the on-home.
Brillo double-marched the walkers around the trail, leaving many stranded. Ging-Gang struggling to keep up, asked them to slow down, exclaiming “I am nearly 100 you know”. To me, fair friend you never can be old.

Vindaloo and Gary Glitter took Nokkers shopping mid-trail! Alas they did not buy anything. It was much ado about nothing. Goolie discovered he can no longer undo bra straps with one hand.

All eventually arrived safely back at the pub by around 9:45, albeit some did look like drowned rats, so all’s well that ends well. For a change, Olive was not the last one back. Dimwit was tonight. He, amongst Rizzo and Flage followed Rusty Bottom using google maps and were beaten by BitofRough and Whogivesashit who simply followed the trail.

Overshot eventually called the circle. Down-downs were given to Gaffer, Smoking Dick Rusty Bottom and Yeuck who graciously accepted her down-down whilst confessing she had nothing to do with the trail but deserved it for being married to the hare. Shaggy received birthday down-down. BitofRough had a down-down for being the only one to dress up for Shakespeare Week.
#Shakespeare Week. How many quotes/play titles did you spot?