Hash 1419


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Sea Trout Inn
The Sea Trout Inn, Staverton, TQ9 6PA
Hares: 2nd Coming & Pugsley
What 3 Words: rags.blank.mugs

Event Type

The words according to Lactaster

Hash No. 1419 Staverton – Hares – Pugsley and 2nd Coming

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..

I have finally been allured by our lovely persuasive GM to do the words (not that it took much!!!)
For most of the day I thought that I would not make the hash as I thought that I would have to stay at home with the children whilst the other half started the long summer of combining; however, thanks to the contractors combining nearly catching alight due to a broken bearing all of a sudden combining was off and hashing was on on.

Circle up outside The Sea Trout Inn included the GM’s usual weekly lame joke before the Hare Pugsley and Second Coming sent us on our way around the beautiful village of Staverton. During circle up Rubbery screeched into the car park, before proceeding to abandon his car in the middle of the car park, and then decided to walk the trail backwards, as for some unknown reason he wanted to be alone. Smoking Dick had not been hashing for so long that she had lost the ability to open gates.

The hash included an optional swim in the murky waters of the River Dart. However, those that did decide to enjoy the swim seemed to ignore the swim point into the river and find their own better one. Whisperer was seen to be running back towards the River Dart to do the swim as he apparently did not notice the word “SWIM” written in big letters on the ground or the large body of water right next to where he had just ran. Who Gives A Shit decided he needed to cool off in the river after watching the ladies including Pi strip down to their underwear to jump in the water. Lotass was seen to be finding the swim easier in the run.

Whilst we were running alongside the river we stumbled across the letters “BS” on the ground, several hashers then got excited thinking that there was a surprise beer stop; on arrival they were very disappointed to find no beer, so there was much speculation as to what the letters “BS” actually stood for as there were no bulls in sight, unless a non hasher had got there first and drank all of the beer, who knows????

During the hash Shaggy was seen to be letting several hashers overtake her, apparently due to being very poorly with a chest infection, rather than because she felt that it was someone else’s turn to be an FRB for once.

After the hash, Lazy Git was seen to be struggling to get changed after getting himself tangled up in his tee shirt, but along came his knight in shining armor Boaty McBoatface to rescue him out of tangled predicament. Back in the pub Overshot was overheard to be using his daughter’s money from selling her bike to quench his thirst. It was announced that Filth’s car sharer was concerned as to why she had an oversized garlic bulb concealed in a mysterious person’s pants on the gearstick of her car. The RA GHR awarded a 300 hash tee shirt to Twisted Sister, much to her embarrassment, before everyone proceeding to sing a happy birthday to The Hares & WGAS.

GHR also suggested naming virgin hasher Jackie, who has hashed with Plympton a couple of times; names suggested included “came late” after she arrived late to the hash & “get in there first” as she would have been named before Plympton had a chance to, however, it was then decided to defer naming her.

Down downs went to:

Pugsley & Second Coming – The Hares
Twisted Sister

On on to Modbury Long Stay Car Park 26/7/23.