Hash 1424


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Field in Hope Cove
Hope Cove, Kingsbridge, TQ7 3HH
Hares: Filth, Dulux & & Ging Gang
What 3 Words: valid.wobbling.handover

Event Type

The words according to Gaffer

Hash No. 1424 – Hope Cove Lifeboat Charity – Filths Chilli- Hares – Filth Ging Gang Dulux
RA – Nice Buns
Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..

I have put writing this off long enough, when you have a fading memory and you do so many
hash’s in a week they all blend into one. But how could this happen Hope Cove on a beautiful
balmy summers evening can always stand out from the rest.
Decision time which shoes? Its a SH4 trail by Filth, Ging Gang, Dulux and named that night
Lays Loads, easy decision road shoes.
Which car? Its a black and gold theme, unfortunately we don’t have a JPS Lotus (ask the older
hashers who looked like they may have smoked) so a splendid cruise out in the convertible
Merc it was.
Parking had been organised in a field with a steep slope, nice to see the entrance was partially
blocked by an inconsiderate car driver, you farmers have a lot to deal with. I guess the gap was
to small for the SUV 4X4 lot to enter or were they keen to keep their wheels clean.
Rizzo called circle up as we had to be off to the Life Boat Station ASAP, I told Ging Gang that
they were doing special trips for us around the bay, she of course believed this.
This is when I was stitched up for the words by Rizzo who I thought was such a lovely person
full of the joys of spring without a malicious bone in her body. On Sunday she had been
awarded Plympton H3’s Hashit, an aluminium frame with insignia to be carried on the next hash,
I only presented it, I didn’t vote.
Prelims and lies about trail completed off to the RNLI base to present a cheque (was that the
only one on the trail) to the crew. Not sure why they needed a boat the size of the coxswain, he
was huge, he could have waded most of the inshore areas and plucked two or three people out
of the water at a time.
Off on the race, sorry hash, apparently as Overshot could not make tonight he ran the trail
earlier kicking out the check, not cheque, he mentioned he had a fright and bumped into the
Three Witches of Eastwick and was 1st in, unlucky Rear Entry or is it Re-Entry?
The Trail went straight up from sea level to Graystone and Bolberry down 130 metres of climb in
a mile, Re-Entry could be seen miles in the distance as could the other FRB’s even Nice Buns
went passed. Surly there will be a cheque or check at the top or will they take pity on those
breathing through every orifice Me and stop for a re-group. As ever no was the answer, why are
there so many hills the South Hams? The best answer, that’s what makes it the beautiful place it
is. I still hate running up them well I wish I still could.
On the longs went to Cathole point to then return through Bolberry village and onto a ridge path
leading down to the welcomed beers stop 1⁄2 mile from the finish, ideal can have a beer without
suffering the consequences. Goolie was here moaning that the walkers trail had not lead him to
the beer so he had to get a lift, perhaps you should run and earn it!
At the field, the place we parked in at the start, we were losing the light, we changed into our
black and gold ensembles and very striking some were, did I mention the JPS Lotus colours
when they were winning the Formula 1 champs for a few years on the trot.
The hospitality of Filth and team was exceptional with a choice of Chilli, with the meat version
with extra chilli sauce hitting the mark accompanied by a Morreti on such a fine evening.
Still no sign of Lowtarse and Olive.
Onto the RA, Nice Buns who stood in front of a rather imposing wall (sorry I thought it looked
like a firing range Butt Stop) like she was in front of a firing squad.
Where’s and happening’s were delivered from scribbled notes which I have and was warned
you wont be able to read, Nice Buns you were right, I can’t even read my own hand writing,
should have been a doctor. But here are some snippets.

1. Can’t Come was telling a joke in Nice Buns full car en-route to hash “this one will make your
toes curl”, not funny if you are Nice Buns she can’t curl her toes.
2. Rizzo and Who Gives a Shit dressed in Black and Gold at the circle up, WGAS quickly
changed Rizzo went with it, suggest you read the info given.
3. Nice Buns (very popular on these words), was given a lovely sexy risqué black and gold
number to wear by Rizzo but she didn’t have the nerve to wear it, shame on you.
4. From the notes presenting a CHECK not cheque there were only 2 checks one at the RNLI
and one on the trail.
5. Nice to see a Blue Nun return after spending many a happy an hour upsetting motorists out
on his cycle. Still running pretty well for a cyclist. He was also tucking into some fine wine from a
designer chiller bag, but out of a plastic glass how uncouth. When asked where Olive was he
said just get on with the RA ing don’t wait for Olive at 2215.
6.Bit of Ruff, hiding at the back at circle up to hide his new shoes which looked more like
converted gloves
7. Nut Cracker and T/W thought they knew best a took a short cut ending up adding a few extra
mile to the actual trail.
8. Happy Endings, struggling but still didn’t take the short cut others in front of him were
encouraging him to do, he’ll learn.
9. Sex Wax took a fancy to two small boys and chased them down a lane, they called the police,
Miss Mouthfull defused the situation with their mother and said she “Sex Wax was just a
runner”, she said she doesn’t look like a runner. The Police did not turn up.
10. Filths Blue house was pointed out across the valley standing out resplendently in the
sun, on our return to the finish, what blue house it was dark.
11. Rubbery, may lose his job, Windy Balls was so impressed with view he had to strip to take
12. TB tried to rescue and old friend he recognised from the good old days, an old lady eating
blackberries and saying baa. With the help of Knockers they managed to put her back whence
she came.
13 Some brave hashers managed a swim, you didn’t tell me.
14. Nice Buns (again) actually won the short much to Going Downs disgust who thought she
had. You should be on the long.
15. Overexposed had hoped to go for a nice meal on his birthday, fortunately that is exactly
what he had at Chez Filth.
Naming Filths son after laying more trails than he has run will be known from now on as Lay

Salcombe Marathon , get your entries in please, transport needs booking.

Next weeks delights will be brought to you by The Gaffer, a proper Hash, not a race.
Plymbridge Car Park (Plympton side) On Down the Stannary (Wetherspoons)
Ridge Way Plympton. Use the Ridge Way Car Park .
Torches will be required as there is a thick canopy in the woodland.
It may be wet, very wet options will be on offer, waterproof electronic devices if you have to
carry them.

OnOn Gaffer