Hash 1426


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Thurlestone Parish Hall
Thurlestone Parish Hall, Thurlestone, Devon, TQ7 3LY
Hares: Olive & & Blue Nun
What 3 Words: though.begins.cubs

Event Type

The words according to Dirty Nights

Hash No. 1426 – Thurlestone Village Inn – Hares – Blue Nun & Olive
RA – Spotty Botty

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..

The evening was beautiful,
Peaceful and warm.
Until the hashers turned up,
Fancy cars and all.

Missed Imelda and Poacher,
Joined Olive and Blue Nun’s trail.
Around the village of Thurlestone,
with steep fields and hay bales.

Triple Top explored the healing power of nettles,
While Bullocks were upset Boaty bothered the cows.
Pick Pocket remained calm and managed the herd.
While the night was getting darker and only hashers could be heard.

Some were prepared, others were not,
Who Gives a Shit was the latter and robbed Lactaster’s light spot.
Up and down hills some missed the beer stop.
Resulting in more road than desired but the pub was in eye shot.

Behaviour got worse as Gomez abandoned Pugsley,
And those with poor performance seemed to be praised.
The damaged souls of Triple Top, Lactaster and Pugsley were in the down downs
Along with Blue Nun, Olive and Boaty…

So On On to Ashprington see you all next week!

Dirty Nights