Hash 1429


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Cornwood Inn
The Square, Cornwood, Devon, PL21 9PU, Devon
Hares: Boaty McBoatface & Pugsley
What 3 Words: ///scrubbing.looked.pancakes

Event Type

The words according to Barbie

Hash No. 1429 – The Cornwood Inn, Cornwood – Hares – Pugsley & Boaty
RA – Squashed Balls

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..
The words for Hash 1429 Cornwood, or A View from the Bar.

Storm Agnes threatened but didn’t really materialise, unlike Barbie and Barbarella’s seventh grandchild, Agnes, who materialised two weeks early.
It was nice to see returner Jelly Baby at the Circle Up where Rubbery Fuck hooted his horn to spook the dogs amongst us.
Walkers dispersed in numerous directions, with the speedy Nutcracker and Twisted Sister soon shaking off pursuers.

I was first to the bar, well, it is my pub, closely followed by Squashed Balls (who asked me if this was my pub) and Jyde, they having completed a shortened walk.
Then came Hash Flash, Rubbery without his horn, nor any snaps. He’d also shortened the walk.
Pony Shafter, on the other hand, led in his 2.9 intrepid official route walkers, loudly proclaiming they had walked 4 miles up hill and down dale. That’s longer than the Longs.
No naming or shaming, but the first of the Longs sprinted into the pub with his border collie to shouts of “it’s not a race!” He snarled at the barrackers and will ignore them.
Hare and sweeper Boaty McBoat Face swept in the Lost Causes Olive, Low t’Arse and Barbarella at exactly 20.57. Having counted hashers out and now counted them back in, the Hanrahan-esque Boaty needed a beer.
Well, he was entitled, after all, it’s his pub too.

Soon the bar was busy. Locals appeared at the door, looked at the mob inside and swiftly departed.
She’s Ready and Whisperer stood at the bar wearing their matching, colour co-ordinated Bretton fisher’s stripey tops, the latter looking sad and disappointed.
That’s right, no Stella Artois in our pub. There were three other foreign lagers available: Carlsberg, probably the best lager in the wo…… St Miguel and Korev, but there’s no pleasing some.
Jelly Baby never made it back to our pub and Know Nuts left early, but food was served and eaten with gusto as beer frothed, flowed and was swiftly downed.

Talking of downs, as RA Squashed Balls had made notes on a postage stamp, we hoped for a short announcement prior to the Down Downs this week.
The locals huffed and puffed as our pub was thanked, but the RA was mercifully brief.
All I can recall is something about Who Gives a Shit doing a horse whisperer trick and, stone the crows, killed two birds with his tone.
Down Downs went to the two Hares, Boaty and Pugsley, Rizzo for her geographical knowledge and to Little Chef and GHR for something or other else.

On On to South Brent (again).

NB A few years ago the Cornwood Inn was saved from being sold to a housing developer by a Community Share scheme and is now a community owned pub – our pub!